You've Been Trumped Too

El periodista de investigación Anthony Baxter viaja entre la carrera presidencial y la eterna campiña escocesa para explorar la preocupante confrontación entre …

43 thoughts on “You've Been Trumped Too

  1. My what the crazies will do for a buck. Don't waste your time paying for lies. Evil people do strange things for money. Should be against the law to lie against someone's character.

  2. mr forbes 100 million ppl didn’t vote at all which is why he won , the rest were scatterbrained ppl who are celebrity sycophants who like the apprentice and dreams of golden toilet stools.

  3. What a stupid UnAmerican Movie. Look at the state of our country now obiden stole the white house. We need Our President back. He was for Americans for job security for border security and our cities were much safer. OBiden/Camel is destroying our values and our constitutional rights at the rate they're going there will be no more United States.

  4. How about instead of bitching about the problem and exposing it, you give money to the farmers to help with a law suit or fix the well? This is what I hate about ppl today! Everyone has something to bitch about, but no one comes up with or tried to solve the problem!

  5. Fake news work hard but only against Trump, think what real news we could have with this effort on other things.

  6. More twisted up stories to try to make trump look bad. There’s millions of people that have benefited greatly from his policies and love for Americans (and people around the world) but movies that show that get banned.

  7. Why is it easier to believe a lie than the truth, or waiting for all the evidence to come out. I'm sure the poor pitiful couple gots lots of money for this so called Documentary, Last I checked you have to have Running Water on any property before you could build a outhouse. The next thing I think about is a couple I once knew, the cellular towers wanted to purchase a spot of land to put a cell phone tower on, that the owners would never ever use up high in the mountains, the property owners seen a way to cash in big, so they declined the offer wanting more money, the cell phone company declined. And went to there neighbor and bought a spot of land off of them instead. Don't be so greedy people. A fair and decent price will work in your favor. Children and elderly pulls on a Heart String and that is what this so called documentary is about. THINK !

  8. Well a true farmer keeps his equipment clean and organized. Property needs a weedeater. This place is a fixer uper.

  9. Was there EVER a bigger L!AR than CHUMP? Oh yes, the Devil Himself. Only the Devil Himself can outdo him!

  10. Now imagine half the efforts going into journalism like this documentary, was implemented to daily news.. wow… That would be… AMERICAN.

  11. Obviously there are Trump supporters in this audience. I am not a trump supporter. The thing is these people are old and they need help and it doesn't matter what party you belong to or what your politics are these are human beings that need help their older and I don't care what Trump says about the place being a pigsty I disagree with that I think they're country people and they live the way they do but they need help and to criticize them and condemn them from a billionaire but she actually isn't because now we know we got his tax returns so he's not as rich as he said he was, I knew that was true before I even saw the info about the tax returns, but enough of trump these people need help.

  12. Fake fake fake. Wow deep state has gone ape shit mad. I love it. Anyone else notice all the ancient Koch family members dropping like flies? They must have lost their access to the Med beds that they have been hoarding and hiding from us common folk. And how old is that witch the queen of England? How come the baby boomer Gen of working class is dying earlier than average life expectancy but the elite group of thrives is going into their 90+ years? Until President Trump pulled the plug on the swamp. Hahahahahaha. Fuck off and croak Eugenics Demons. Pedo Bill Gates and his animal fucker wife are worm food thanks to the government of India. We owe you one India! Thank you. Dont get the jab it’s the mark of the beast. Dont get the bullshit fake test either.

  13. They ALWAYS spew lies about President Trump! That's how stupid they think we are! They think we're too stupid to figure out their lies! It really is disgusting how they constantly lie and push communist propaganda. President Trump is the best President we've had. And it's so obvious that he won the election and they STOLE it! No HONEST person can look at the proof and still say the election wasn't stolen. They committed high treason right in our faces to steal the election! Americans need to grow a pair and take our country back before it's too late!

  14. I don’t think trump really cared and I doubt this film would of had any impact on his presidency.. I mean it’s one fucking road

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