YELLOW OR WHITE GOLF BALLS, Mark Crossfield and Coach Lockey take a white and a yellow golf ball onto the golf course to see if there may be any distinction in its efficiency and if it could assist Mark truly see his golf ball. With the discharge of Titleist Prov1 and Titleist Prov1X in yellow can you actually play a tour ball within the color of yellow.

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  1. Really interesting video. I use both but usually play a yellow ball in duller weather. Bright sunny daze probably use a while ball. Heres my rationale:
    1. Yellow is easier to see & find in the rough.
    2. High chance I'm only one in the group playing yellow so I know which ball is mine
    3. We have had a spate of balls being picked up from the fairway by other groups causing player to N/R in a comp. Yellow ball makes mine stand out and hopefully reduces the chances of someone picking it up.

  2. Worst part of yellow……when you hit such a poor shot they become lost in a area that is full of balls from the driving range!!!

  3. Prefer white , I use yellow for provisionals, also when near driving ranges , whatever color the range balls are, I use the opposite

  4. I prefer the lime green over white just easier to see, and at our local course, the last hole(9) is right next to the driving range with tons of range balls managing to come through the net onto the nine so as we play we find balls
    but on the nine its litterally covered in range balls.

  5. I'd pick the yellow ball, but personally do prefer an orange or pink one. Yellow is easier to see in the air, but sometimes harder to see in the grass depending on the state of it. Orange and pink are as easy to see in the air and stick out more in the grass. I feel like I lose more white balls 'cause I can't follow them in the air than I do coloured balls.

  6. Yellow is more visible at twilight. Stigma comes from guys like Bubba using yellow who isn’t the most popular on the tour. White looks pristine and classic so appeals more broadly.

  7. Yellow in particular Florescent Yellow is the colour the human eye sees first, hence the Hi-Vis jackets being that colour. I use a yellow ball as I find it easier to see in flight and in the distance.

  8. It depends on lighting … on some days I can follow a white ball just fine and other days I need the yellow balls.

    Cloudy days = Yellow
    Clear Blue Days = White

  9. You should try this with yellow Magnas. That probably WOULD look about like a football! Actually, I'd like to see a Magna SuperSoft review anyway. Against the regular Magna?

  10. Hi Mark one other thing . YOUR A GLASSES WEARER LIKE ME SO ?? HOW DO YOU COPE WHEN IT RAINS . I played a match at Pontefract golf club and it hissed it down , we lost our match because all I saw for 14 holes was RAINBOWS EIGHT PER LENS TRIED TAKING THEM OFF BUT I WAS USELESS ANY IDEAS. PAUL.

  11. Hi Mark ,
    Paul here the Answer you seek to me is thus . A white ball when in flight in the sunshine blends in with the sun on those days where a yellow ball as you said turn a blackish colour up against the sun and a white ball disappears till it drops . thats why on most rangers they use yellow.

  12. I’m 70 years old and went to a yellow ERC last year but have now been using a new yellow Titleist Tru Feel. Yellow is easier to see and hit, go figure!

  13. When i tried a callaway pink super soft i could literally see that ball the entire way.. and once it landed.. it stuck out clear as day… feel like colored balls help most people track their ball

  14. Tbh I play better with coloured balls..i have no idea I'm trying to get rid of all my white clearly affects my vision and brain in a good way..cheers

  15. Is it true that you cant change the colour of your ball mid-round? Be a bit of a problem if you ran out of yellows and wanted to dig out the white ones from the bottom of the bag!

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