Why presidents like to play golf

President Obama is constant an extended line of presidents who’ve been bitten by the proverbial golf bug.

17 thoughts on “Why presidents like to play golf

  1. Why presidents love to play golf? Because it's the only sport you can play when you're old without losing any skill.

  2. maybe cause most of our presidents were old white guys, just like most of the people on the golf courses… so this is a news story? fucking golf historian? wtf kinda joke or question is this video?? jeez i bet north korean school kids are taught more about the outside world by illiterate farmers then viewers who actually come here as a single source of news.

  3. CNN I Wuv these stories because ther useless n no gives a shit about golf n can u please show more about Kim n Kanye west

  4. Are you kidding me CNN? If your report is about this shit it should be on how Obama should take up gambling because he has officially gambled Americas future away.   

  5. Fraud, a Scam from a Liar.
    ObamaCare is Redistribution of your Wealth. Obama and the Democrats are stealing from you, to give to the Dead Beats, Drug Dealers, Whores, and Illegals. They are Making Young America pay up to 400% more than they should, that is stealing. These Criminals should be kicked outa office and put in prison. This is the Biggest Fraud and Scam to the American People, there is only one course of action, Impeach the Criminal before he gets you and your Family.

  6. Shame on you cnn.. The president of the collapsing super power is blowing away nations wealth on expensive leisures like golf.. And you mainstream media instead of criticizing the guy are quiet about the shameful and heartless behavior. Shame on you obama, shame on you cnn.

  7. Hmmmm, let's see.  I'm an equestrian, but Presidents don't have time for all of that.  Too much stuff and daily obligations that a President couldn't do.  What about boating?  I see so many boats on the roads these days heading for a good body of water.  Presidents don't have time for that.  They are too old for any rough sports, like ball games.  I'm not a golfer, but it seems like an easier way than others for Presidents, who are always very busy, to enjoy their leisure time, a time that everyone has in some capacity or another.

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