I assume in case you’re watching this you most likely love golf. The issue is, a few of us lose sight of this and get down on ourselves about our video games. Each now and …

21 thoughts on “WHY DO YOU PLAY GOLF?

  1. Hi Den, Friends! As for me golf is a best game in the world and the best probability game! In this connection time spend for golf not excluded from life time. Golf is the most evolutionary comfortable activity for human such as body as a brain. It is involve cognitive, emotional and physical components and let us modeling our lifes. Becase we are finding positive no line feedback from golf. Best regards! Yuri

  2. That’s fantastic Dan, keep it up, your health and your time on this planet are priceless commodities.
    As far as why I play golf, it really is for the challenge of it, for getting better every round. I’ve also found that every round that you play is unique, it tells its own different story even if it’s on the same course. That’s a bit of an abstract quality I enjoy as well when I look back and review each round I’ve played. Cheers mate.

  3. All about getting better for me and getting my handicap as low as possible… On the way I'll win some comps where they are honors board or normal… Then I have a small society which is an ongoing comp throughout the year where we go and play all over the country and get to play and see great courses with my buddies (and a little competitive edge along the way) love golf!

  4. hey dan can you do a video on the shoulder plane in the golf swing .. me bein a tall person find that when i get too flat i have to work harder to get the club in the right places during down swing .. how steep a shoulder plane is too steep etc.. does it even have an effect on the efficiency of the swing? for example how pete cowen academy talking about up down and around in the swing , using the gravity and the weight of the club etc

  5. It’s a great question. I don’t know. I just know that I’m hooked. Fantastic video that makes me want to reassess things.

  6. Nothing can replace the feeling of making an eagle or a sweet birdie so I keep trying to chase that high. I also love being outdoors and enjoying nature.

  7. I play golf because it allows me to escape from the madding crowd and focus on one thing in a way I can't in the "real" world. I love how it has shown me the value of visualization, positivity and staying in the moment.

  8. Single digit handicap, hole in one, under par round at home course, amateur competition age group champion in a tournament. Also exercise, social connections and enjoying being outside in park like settings. So many reasons, so little time to play!

  9. Ball striking is the BEST sensation in the world!!! I can't get enough of it! As Ben Hogan said: "A well hit golf shot is a feeling that goes up the shaft, right through your hands and into your heart"

  10. Is fitness the reason your hair is perfect. I would work out every day if it made my hair look like that. Lol thanks for the videos dan

  11. Well as I am BIG OGGIE it’s pretty obvious that I am using golf as a way of exercising, but also I love the fact that it works for my competitive nature, not even doing comps, but trying to improve myself and my game. Also I find that being on a golf course helps me relax and concentrate my mind, it allows me to take time for myself. Helps my depression issues, and gets me out in the fresh air.

  12. I am a problem solver. I love trying to solve the golf swing. The ultimate goal is to be a threat to break par every single round with at least one round under par. However, I get most of my enjoyment from experimenting with swing mechanics.

  13. It is a challenge, very time again. It is outside in nature, as a Office man feeling wind cold and heat is Great. And the feeling of a Great contact, Great strike wonderfull

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