I get requested on a regular basis what it is prefer to play golf professionally in addition to why I do not play competitively anymore so I believed I would do a vlog speaking about my expertise! It is completely different for everybody, however that is what I personally considered being a professional.

Course: Troon North in Scottsdale, AZ

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  1. Do you think you'd like playing golf professionally? It's definitely not for everyone, despite how great it looks from the outside! But some people do really love it and are made for it.

  2. Really enjoyed your perspective! I did much the same in a different sport. Loved the fact that I got paid to play the game I did, but the different climates were pretty hard on me. I'm from Colorado, just like you, and we are very used to a pretty arid climate. Going into the midwest, where the humidity along with the heat in the summertime, was a difficult challenge for me. I had a very hard time getting proper rest. Diet was okay, because I played a team sport, and the team gave us per diems for food when we were on the road. I agree with you that "all that glitters is NOT gold". I play lots of golf now, and I live in Southern California. The climate for golf is very nice here. BTW, I LOVE playing golf in Scottsdale!

  3. The pyramid of golfers is insane. Heard something recently that the skill gap between scratch golfers and tour pros is roughly equivalent to the skill gap between a 20 handicap and scratch. The difference is massive

  4. Fantastic vid for youngsters who wish to pursue professional golfing career>>Being nice to people around the golf course during the competitions (ie. green keepers & starters)<<please come to review golf courses in Thailand sometimes soon>>I'm a subscriber from Thailand. Keep on doing great videos …. you're an amazing speaker for the sport!

  5. Very interesting…
    I love golf, but after awhile I have to take a break from it. Same applies to girls, poker and pool. Lol. GGPP rules!

  6. You talked about how difficult it was to make a living. You seem to have put together a career around golf that you appear to make a living. How does it compare (no detail needed) financially. What other careers around golf exist

  7. But you are good though and I think you should've stayed and played professional. The way I see you hitting and your short game, but as you said I guess you really have to want it that bad to grind it out. I think in any professional sports there are pros and cons but it's up to the individual. Btw I'm your newest sub, best of luck with your future endeavors and keep making more videos.

  8. I don't mind the competition aspect of the game because in life you have pressure to perform regardless of what you do. It's the constant traveling and unfair purse disbursement that turns me off. But if I was good enough to be on a major circuit I would probably say yes.

  9. Not everyone is built to be a professional athlete. The sacrifices are so pronounced as you allude to and the failures are more common than the successes.. You have found your niche in the golf industry, understand the value of connecting with key influencers and know your assets well. It’s rare that people invite other people into learning the failures of their life. Very cool and insightful.

  10. I was an IMG Leadbetter kid (scholarship, couldn’t afford it) and I had a very good chance to make it but we had some similar experiences/thoughts. After the first year I knew I didn’t want the lifestyle. It was very lonely and I lost the passion/love of the sport. I’m nice to everyone, but a majority of the people are not (rude and/or play mind games). Im sure you hear this a bit but I’ve mistaken you for someone your not. Keep a kind heart.

  11. to compare the LPGA vs PGA is just not a good comparison, the women make so much less it's ridiculous, 120 on the LPGA tour is making $72,000! Cmon!

  12. I love make video about you "Paige Spiranic: The Gorgeous and Talented Golfer". I loved you and Wishing you good health

  13. OMG, the SOUND in this video (wind?) is killing me. You'd be way better to record this inside, or use a wind screen so that we don't hear that constant howling. Really distracting from a nice video.

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