Tips on how to Begin {Golfing} // Being Primary with Paige Newbie Golf Sequence

“Being Primary with Paige” goes to take you thru all of the fundamentals of studying to play golf, beginning with this intro video that will provide you with: – What golf equipment I …

15 thoughts on “Tips on how to Begin {Golfing} // Being Primary with Paige Newbie Golf Sequence

  1. 2:24 no one cares, wear what u want,
    nobody is looking @ ya'
    That has 2B the "biggest" understatement
    since Grant said, "he'd take Richmond."
    And the Crack crusader saying I do

  2. I like the way you simplify golf language. Less is definitely more. Being in a relaxed stance is important in golf. Nice job Paige.

  3. I'm sending this to a friend of mine who tried golf once and didn't think she could do it, and as you said, found it intimidating. I sent her one of your videos already, but this one is right to the point. Thanks.

  4. Promise me princess. No more depressed demons. You will be missed way to much if you do something I will regret. Be honest Paige with us. We all follow you. You are baby girl. And I have a very beautiful Snowshoe Siamese male cat.. He sleeps with me every night…

  5. Thing that put me off going to the range was constantly battling with idiots who thought it was a place for shouting and screaming. Some people have no idea..

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