This MK7 Golf R Trans Locked Up Going 70mph

This BLOWN up transmission got here out of a MK7 Golf R owned by Bryce. He has a ton of upgrades to his automobile and runs it very onerous. After all of the observe occasions he …

22 thoughts on “This MK7 Golf R Trans Locked Up Going 70mph

  1. Hi! Quick question about Golf R mk7.5

    How to comletely disable the traction control?
    I've made brake coding ASR/ECS OFF v2
    disabled the rough road surface, but still some times the wheels "hop" and on rainy day if i try to launch my car (it doesnt matter if its M or S mode) and traction is completely off the car still stops (looses power) when there is a lot off slip, i thought that it should go all the way without any powerloss.. #askDAP

  2. For anybody that doesn't know and tries to take apart their transmission for service there is a tiny Allen down the center of the axle cup and the transfer case. I'm like 90% sure they did not remove this and that's why they had a difficulty getting those parts off.

  3. What part do you think ultimately failed? Was it the differential pinion letting go that caused the spider gear to roam free? Or could an event have caused it to fail?

  4. Bryce, you're the man and your R is gonna be a beast! Paul, i've been really enjoying seeing more and more of your character and humor coming out in the videos, keep up the good work!

  5. many many years ago I had a 1981 diesel VW rabbit with a 4 speed manual transmission. I loved that little car but had to replaced the transmission do to a hole in the case. Also had to change the head do to bent valves. This hapend do to alternator belt coming off and part of the belt caused timing belt to skip .

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