The Ugly Truths A few Robust Golf Grip (GOLF TIPS)

Robust Grip, Weak Grip, Impartial Grip: What’s your grip doing to your ball flight and golf swing?

Understanding the ramifications of utilizing a robust golf grip will be the distinction in fixing your golf slice and worsening it. Golfers who play efficiently with a robust grip do exist, however for the overwhelming majority of novice golfers and weekend warriors, utilizing a robust grip most likely leads to extra complications and missed fairways, misplaced balls and additional frustration.

On this video, PGA Skilled Todd Kolb explains how a robust grip will be the reason for a nasty golf slice, the rationale why you can not seem to enhance your chipping recreation, and possibly even why you have got issues with accuracy off the tee field.

From our article on Golf Grips:

Simply, essentially the most neglected side of the sport is the grip. As inexperienced persons of all ages first get began, it’s quite simple to seek out oneself within the “grip-it and rip-it” kind mentality. Right here at USGolfTV, we wish to take this opportunity to emphasise the very important essence of your connection to the sport…the grip.

For these of our readers who aren’t acquainted with this time period “sturdy grip”, it quite simple. With any kind of grip, the fingers shall be positioned on the membership in mainly the identical place relative to one another.

To narrate to each proper and left handed golfers, a “sturdy grip” happens when each fingers are rotated on the membership away from the goal, thereby selling a closed membership face at impression. For instance, a right-handed golfer would have a robust grip if each fingers are extra to the best and a “weak grip” is strictly the alternative.

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23 thoughts on “The Ugly Truths A few Robust Golf Grip (GOLF TIPS)

  1. I have a super strong grip and I can play any shot I want, I’ve tried a neutral grip and I hit it fat, or I hit a huge slice

  2. Left handed playing right hand clubs. I tend to block shots by pulling through too much with left side and may be leaving the face open. Stronger the grip, I think the harder I pull the handle. Will give this a try. Thanks.

  3. Just changed to a strong grip at the end of last year and literally have not sliced it since. Also my compression increased tremendously. Was a 12 handicap and am closer to a 6 now

  4. I completely agree with this! I have been working on changing my grip which has solved a handful of issues as you mentioned.

  5. I would agree a strong grip does not work as a bandaid fix to a slice. However, I tend to flip at impact, and strengthening my grip has helped me fix that and have a better impact position. Also have gained a lot of distance with every club.

  6. I have to disagree for the most part. When my teacher tried to get me to do the weakest grip possible to try and get more distance it was a disaster. Am I a tour pro, no but my handicap is a 1.7 when I went to the weak grip my handicap went all the way up too a 4.9. It’s all about the golfer. Man you sound just like my coach. I still hit the call further with a strong grip.

  7. Can’t agree most of the top players in golf have a strong grip now – with a strong forward leaning shaft at impact it’s important to not have a grip as that will leave the club face wide open – The modern swing is using the body to rotate quickly to release and is more consistent than flicking the wrists as most neutral grippers do to try and use the smaller muscles in the hands which is more inconsistent

  8. The closed club face you show is at address. This is not necessarily where the club face is aimed at impact. During the down swing, if the hands get over the ball before the club head makes impact (lag), as is the case with players who successfully use a strong grip, that club face is no longer closed, but squared up at impact. If the player starts with a squared face at address, the lag in the downswing will cause the face to be open at impact, and that will result in a slice. The problem with a strong grip that you describe only comes about when the player releases the club too soon so that there is no lag left at impact.

  9. I have a very strong grip and my club face is massively shut going back and at the top. I also get stuck and slide in to the ball in the downswing.

  10. i think the grip is the number one flaw of poor golfers….as a coordinated person:) the correct golf grip just seems logical. if you have too strong a grip you have to fight your grip to hit the ball correctly. if you have too weak of a grip you have a hard time creating power and good contact unless you rotate as good as a pro.(likely not)….. i just dont get how someone that plays a lot doesnt eventually learn the correct grip on his own and especially around good golfers and watches golf…… baffles me. babies learn to walk… penguins how to swim…..come on humans!!!

  11. There’s a lot of terrible advice in these comments so let me (scratch for 2 years now) shed some more light. Changing your grip to be stronger when you slice every club is a BAND AID FIX to host of different swing faults. In my experience, once I learned to swing properly, in to out, with lag and efficient rotation and weight shift, the strong grip produced insane pulls and hooks in my game. In theory, your body turn with a neutral grip should square the club face. Once I switched to a neutral grip with my (more) proper swing, I was able to hit draws with every club way more consistently. No more pulls, no more snap hooks. Every golfer is different but on average, in my experience and what my coach has said, strengthening the shit out of your grip “because the pros do it” or because “x youtuber said it” is often a short term fix to the symptom of a terrible swing.

    Sure, you aren’t slicing anymore but your 7i is still going the same distance as my PW. Fix the whole swing, don’t put 15 different bandaids to attain a prettier ball flight. Put the time and work into the game / swing and learn to produce a straight shot by making the proper movements.

  12. Ever since I've weakened my grip I hit it farther, and straighter. I was at my wits end trying to understand why I was slicing my drives and hooking my irons. Finally I just said screw it. I'm going to weaken the crap out of my grip and see what happens. Well it worked! I'm at a 9 handicap right now from a 14. Looking forward to getting it lower. Cheers

  13. If held correctly, a strong grip will help most amateurs. Especially those who flip/cast/early release. It encourages more rotation and hands forward at impact.

  14. I'm a strong grip..tried heaps of time to change my grip like normal.. And it stuffed up my game..i hit the ball really good when play my strong grip..i used to it and it all be it..i hit 8and9 irons from 150m.. While my mates hit 6and5 irons lol..

  15. I'm new to golf and have a strong grip due to being tense. It messes up my swing and I hit to the right about 80% of the time.
    I tried a looser/weaker grip but my problem is that on the top of my backswing, I need to strengthen the grip to keep the club from going out of control due to the momentum, thus making me have a strong grip on the downswing…I cannot frking fix this and its pissing me off.

  16. I agree with this,but everyone’s different. I think to get good at golf you really need to understand what works for YOU!
    Understand your own game and try and learn things about the swing and adapt and change by trial and error. Nothing sadder then a 20 handicapper talking about old cliches and not understanding anything more about his game then he did 25years ago.

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