The Single Aircraft Golf Swing – the Good Swing System

Most golf instruction promotes fast fixes, lacks readability and there’s no “technique to the insanity”. The Single Aircraft Technique is a Golf Swing System with clear …

43 thoughts on “The Single Aircraft Golf Swing – the Good Swing System

  1. Great work your doing keeping Moes swing alive! Was ready to quite the game because of back pain. Tried your method NO PAiN! Could not believe it. Straightest I've ever hit the ball this is only the begining.

  2. After not playing for over 10 years, I practiced a bit and played a couple of 2 day amateur events. Lowest of the four rounds was a 95. Started out 16 hdcp. and in the C flight.
    Played poorly in first two but started practicing single plane swing again before the 3rd one day event 3 weeks later. WON the 3rd event with an 86 and first hole of playoff. Handicap has dropped 6 strokes in those 3 weeks. Thanks Todd, this video brought it more together for me…

  3. Hey Todd. I'm Brett originally from the Hamilton/Burlington, now in Niagara Falls.
    I met Master Moe when I was 17 in 1990, and got to play a round with him at Hidden Lake Golf and country club, and even had a handful of driving range opportunities in that year. I played with one of his fellow Canadian Golfers, Gary Bartlett for about 15 years afterwards , Gary still holds 13 course records and was the youngest amateur to play in the Canadian open , in 1960 at age 15. They knew each other well.
    I learned from both and have the same type of single plane swing 30 years later that I grooved from watching Moe and playing with Gary , every Sunday and trips to Myrtle Beach.
    The lessons were priceless, and the on course playing lessons, just watching them was even more so.

    Moe in his middle aged prime was something to see. I watched him drive up to the range in his old Mercury Marquis I believe, and his trunk was filled with clubs, he just grabbed an armful and started. Even at 17 I was mesmerized by him and his striking.
    I just started again after a 10 year break ( I was a solid 5), and still have the same, short motion I grooved all of those years ago.
    I enjoy your videos , and can certainly attest that this system makes sense, I briefly learned from the legend as well, and for it to be the normal after 30 years, it certainly made an impact.

  4. Ok so I am 3 weeks in to the single plane. What does it mean if I can hit wedges and irons dead straight every time. But I can’t hit off the tee or with a wood or hybrid off the fairway?

  5. Brilliant video, ive gone and tried this method and after a few balls, began to strike them abs pure out the middle of a 3 iron, can we please have instruction using short irons?? ive tried it with a 7 iron and was hitting them abs lovely too, launching them into the air, but do you use the same technique for a PW???

  6. If transitioning to a single plane swing, do you need to adjust the lie angle of your clubs (i.e., 2-up down to standard because you're standing farther away from the ball)?

  7. I got my 6 year old little girl on this swing and she’s hitting it like a champ! Much more to learn but we’re getting there.

  8. Thank you for this. It took 10 balls to really get the feel of this swing, and I don't think I can go back to whatever I was doing before. I didn't lose any power, very few miss hits, and could hit any target I aimed for. It literally feels more comfortable striking the ball. I'm hooked.

  9. I’ve been a stack and tilt disciple for years and think they’ve done an amazing job. I am going do my best to give this a try. Thanks.

  10. Todd, I have been experimenting with the single plane swing with mixed results. I am thinking about abandoning it because it's golf season and i can't stand big misses while I am playing with my group. I have been using the orange whip which has helped with tempo and fundamentals, like the sequence. Is there a way to combine single plane training with the orange whip? Thanks, Dan

  11. Hi Todd and thanks for your page. Back in the 90s I tried to copy Moes technique….Mark Evershed I believe was teaching it. anyway It worked great then I changed back for whatever reasons. two days ago after watching Bryson D. play I said maybe now would be a good time to try it again found you watched and played 2 of my best ball striking rounds in years. I'm now hitting it further and straighter again…at 65 I hit one 300 yds and went over a par 5 in two. now need to get my putting it was always my best part of my game

  12. This has been a revelation for me. I was very skeptical because some of the elements seemed "counter intuitive"… only bc i had been suffering from analysis paralysis and would be overthinking and tinkering. I played a quick 9 holes today solely concentrating on the principles of single swing plane and voila. Not a single shank, worm burner or a "what was THAT?!" moment. The only "bad" thing is that now have to figure out my club distances again bc I was hitting much longer and straighter.. with consistent impact. But thats absolutely fine with me!! lol

  13. I’ve heard people say a swing like this will make you lose power, but it seems the gained precision just might mitigate the power loss.

  14. Very tempted to give this a try.

    I've had a number of coaches and can resonate with a number of things you've said.
    Always giving drills to do, without ever explaining what I'm actually doing wrong or how I should be doing it. Just vague 'trying to find a different feeling' type stuff.

    I'm much more likely to prosper with systems in place.

    Going to absorb as much as I can and pop down the range in a few days.

  15. Great Vid. Single Plane Swing literally change my attitude to the game again. Almost quit due to frustration. Shocked that more top pros don't swing like this.

  16. Was once a 1.2 HC golfer. I have a difficult time shooting in 70's (5 times this year) since now a 6 HC player and having played for 40 years steady at my club and never a leason—-do I do what? Swing in single plane to get back to 1 HC? I'm now 80, but am up to 6 HC. Answer me this. Is a single plane swinger better than a two swing swinger.

  17. Hello Todd
    Can you advise whether there are any "Now Norman" clinic's or teaching professionals operating within England.

  18. While watching the video I noticed that there was very little hip rotation in the backswing. Am I correct in thinking that? I have limited hip rotation and my distance suffers. Can this swing help ?

  19. I bought your education plan last week and I've really enjoyed it thus far. The videos on this channel help to cement things in my mind. My question is about lie angle. It seems my clubs at address seem to be "toe high" now. Is that a common result of the SPS?

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