Testing the Greenfield Disc Golf Course

Trevor and Hunter faceoff on the again 9 of the Greenfield Disc Golf Course!
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34 thoughts on “Testing the Greenfield Disc Golf Course

  1. CTP for playoff?! Cmon!! Play the full hole! The final holes are where all the action is at! Lol you guys must have been tired from all the time in the rough. So no worries. Great video! They're all good. You guys are doing a good job! I enjoy these in my days off when I need to just let my brain rest. So thanks!

  2. Great-looking course. Trevor does a nice job of being positive and complementary of Hunter’s throws, all the while being self-deprecating. He cracks me up!

  3. Here is an idea 9 discs 9 holes can’t use same disc more than once. Random draw at start of round number pieces of paper and pick. If lost disc opponent pick disc for rest of hole

  4. Why does landing on top does not count as in? It is in the basket cylinder. no different than in the chains. The top band is the barrier I guess.

  5. Sensing a little tension between Trevor & Hunter over the past half-dozen video's or something… y'all doing alright?

  6. What happened to you and zach? Love Trevor but zach is a great guy as well. Hunter are you thinking about doing a meet and great soon? Would love to chat and even just play a hole with ya! Love the channel Foundation Nation!!!!

  7. Looked up disc golf bloopers the other day….found your channel…..enough said. Therapy to all of us aspiring!. Hey, we might be bad, but we aren't this bad!!!!

  8. Trevor clenching defeat from the jaws of victory!!!

    Buy him a Detroit Lions jersey, and make him wear it during videos until he learns to finish.

  9. surprised got two or 3 disc golfers with 100k subs and i feel like if this was 2 uploads a week or so you would be posting more then any other known disc golfer i feel like ratings would go up quick . always fun to watch

  10. Get abgkes with the camera so you see the thrower and the basket! I mean, so that you dont have to move the camera so much when putting or throwing ^^

  11. Here’s an idea for two (connected videos). Trevor picks 9 holes from any course available, Hunter then has to pick the next 9. Who ever has the best score across those 18 holes wins. Gives each player a chance to pick his favorite/most reliable holes or a gamble that the other player wont be able to handle a really difficult hole.

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