Taking My Golf Inexperienced Down To 4mm // Garden Care Giveaway!!

Right this moment I’m taking my golf inexperienced right down to 4mm. The bentgrass is beginning to look superior however I’ll be spraying it out in a couple of weeks so the TifTuf comes again for summer season.
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23 thoughts on “Taking My Golf Inexperienced Down To 4mm // Garden Care Giveaway!!

  1. Hey mate, got a novice question about rotary motors that I found a few mixed answers for online… is there any issues on pulling the mower backwards and cutting grass, or should the mower be turned to cut running forwards all the time
    Cheers and love your work!

  2. Ever thought about putting a couple of MP Rotator side strips on a spike for watering the greens? Above ground like Ryan Knorr to save you hand watering all the time?

  3. Not bad the Rover, you can tell by the deck shape it would be a decent mulcher. I reckon you'd be struggling to find a rotary mower with a HOC less than 15mm in Aus, You'd have to modify the blade carrier by adding spacers under the boss to get a lower cut but i'd never do that…*looking over my shoulders

  4. Hey mate, another awesome vid! How’s your bro’s lawn going? Any further plans with it? I know the drought and water restrictions killed it but still interested! Also almost 100k subs!!!

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