Set Composition | Which golf golf equipment needs to be in your bag

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  1. TXG, I have a very hard time hitting hybrids. I hit my 3 wood off a tee well enough but will struggle with consistency off the deck from time to time so I shy away from a 5 wood but I need to fill my gap between my longest iron (4 or 5 iron depending on the day) and my 3 wood. I feel more comfortable with irons and I like a small compact look at address. I’ve been told driving irons/utility irons are for low handicappers and I’m fairly new to golf (been playing less than a year but shooting high 80s to low 90s consistently). What do you suggest?

  2. Absolutely an awesome segment…. Can’t wait to get out there for a fitting. One question, I currently play PING Anser’s and Tour W wedges, yellow spec and I know my swing has changed a lot since I had these fit. Is it worth while bringing them with me or should we start from scratch?

  3. I just started this year, I’m too new to even do a gapping session, before I even bought clubs I learned that a beginner doesn’t need 14 clubs. I have 10, and I only really use 4 or 5 while playing. I bought a starter set of cheap clubs, and have replaced them with pretty much the same loft clubs. Just ones that are nicer to look at, lol. I bought most used, once in good enough to do a gapping session, shaft fitting I’ll drive up there and have it done. Let’s see what happens first, me getting better, or Canadians letting us back in their country (I live in Buffalo). Right now I have an M4 driver, Wilson D300 3 wood 15, D300 4h 22, Wilson D7 6-P, Wilson C200 SW, Cleveland putter.

  4. Great video, this strategic and holistic understanding of the set composition can be more helpful than just A vs B comparisons.

  5. So ive always know im steep on the driver, but when i come from the inside i can carry it over 260 comfortably, hit it over 300 with a small draw, but feel like im swinging way too much from the inside and im losing my ball striking.
    The issue is when i swing steep,i hit the middle of the face, but with a huge slice, any ideas on setup or body position to help favour an inside to out swing
    (currently am teeing the ball medium/low, inside heel of the front foot and my swing path is definitely inside to out, please help.

  6. I have Ping G 30 irons and hit my PW 150 and the UW 115-120. I need something in between and not sure what to get. I wish ping made a 48 degree Glide 3. The PW is 45 degree and the UW is 50.

  7. at first i thought this was just another youtube golf channel but man you really put the science in the game and ive seen my game be better from watching. thanks

  8. I drive about 180/220, so I am glad my next club is my 5 hybrid that goes about 170 and have not wasted money of woods etc that dont have much use/gap to be in.

  9. When you say too steep with driver, are you referring to attack angle or is that a plane issue. Looking for a bit of clarity there.

  10. I’m now confused what to do lol . I o driver , 3 wood , 3 hyb, 4 hyb , 5 iron but play fairly windy courses as coastal . Looking at 5 wood . Does it get affected to much in wind

  11. I keep coming back to the older videos and picking up something new. The links conditions Ian talked about at the end is something I play regularly here in NZ and have ended up doing almost as described (I have 4* bounce 54 for the low nipper and 12* bounce 58 for bunkers) through a LOT of trial and error.

  12. Hi Guys. I need confirmation that I've worked out my fit right please? D – 260, 270. 3W- 230,240. 3H- 220, 225. My irons are 4 to PW, 200 to 130. GW-110,120, SW-100,110. LW-70,95. GW is a 50 but worried Ive to much gap to PW? Love all your posts by the way.

  13. Driver 240
    3wood 220
    4iron 200
    5iron 190
    7iron 170
    8iron 160
    9iron 150
    PW 140
    52° 120
    54° 100
    60° 90

    That's my carry with all my clubs any thoughts

  14. What's the average going rate for fitting? Let's so I don't want to buy a full set of new clubs, but am looking at the used market, I'm new (only played 2 rounds so far, with a starter set from amazon), but want to get a basic fitting to see how far I'm hitting and what clubs I should focus on (eliminating the need like you said, for all those extra clubs I might not need), how long would that take? I'm assuming most places are hourly based? I'm in the US if that makes a difference. When I was at the range, off the top of my head I think I was hitting my 7-iron around the 150 yard mark.

  15. I also just took my hybrid out of the bag based on this. It has a 90 gram shaft that did not work with the build. But I did love the feel of the weight.

  16. Great discussion and advice. Rethinking my bag as the seasons change to accommodate the conditions. That will be a few shots saved due to ‘if I had my……

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