In our first episode of the “Greatest Coaching Aids in Golf” collection, we focus on considered one of our favorite coaching aids ever: The Tour Striker Sensible Ball. See how this easy gadget may help you with connection, sequencing, strike sample, face management and extra!

0:00 // How does it work
5:38 // Baseline swings
7:43 // Sensible Ball Coaching with wedge

11:43 // 7 iron
14:26 // Abstract

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Filmed at: Tour Expertise Golf
Customized Golf Membership Becoming Studio – Toronto, Canada

23 thoughts on “Sensible Ball // BEST TRAINING AIDS IN GOLF

  1. I have been struggling for a year blowing out from a 4 to a 9 handicap, hitting everything from shanks to you name it. I watched this and remembered I had 1, did 1 session with it and contact was instantly back and had a good round on Saturday. Can't wait for the enxt training aid video

  2. Which one you guys getting on amazon? Anyone have experience with similar tools and prefer them? I’m thinking of ordering the plastic wrist position trainer along with it. I’m weary of the grip trainers but might try one.

  3. During lockdown in Victoria I've just been hitting whiffle balls out of the front lawn and down the road, it has been an eye opener on how a 3/4 swing has improved my ball direction consistency.

  4. Might be the most useful video you guys have done! Thank you so much! Would love to see what else you guys like. Especially curious about down under board.

  5. I really enjoyed your video. I saw at the opposite of some people on video you focus on what could be better for is and you are not trying to sell yourself. I really like your trick and explanation. So, I have a question… I am a new golfer. I began to play last year. I took some lesson for one of my relative who play since more than 25 years. His handicap is in 1 digit. My question is … I want to upgrade me irons, because the one I have are 30 years old Northwestern NWX-1. They have been given to me by another relative, but it’s time to upgrade them. In my research I was looking for a set of Wilson D300 or a Maltby STi-2. What should I buy. My «  coach » told me that is better to by a 2 or 3 years old good brand name golf clubs than a less known brand name new?

  6. I'm looking at the orange whip for tempo. Also was thinking about the light speed from orange whip for speed training over the winter. What are your thoughts as to how good these are? Thanks.

  7. I really appreciate you two discussing training aids that you find valueable. There are so many products in the golf industry that are worthless. Thank you for taking on this topic!

  8. I am going to be totally honest here and say that when I first saw the title of the video I immediately clicked on it hoping to see a golf ball with some sort of homing device fitted. Clubface to green, guaranteed, every time! The reality was just as interesting though. I have one of these already, just need to reinflate it and start using it properly.

  9. I use one but I ditched the lanyard. Added some stick on Velcro to the ball and put a sweat band on my forearm.. Stick the ball to the sweat band and it stops me from letting my head drift back because of the feeling of the lanyard pulling my head with my arms.

  10. It’s really crazy how one singular thing can have such a big impact on the golf swing. Everyone has had that moment at least once where their swing was just effortless and the ball just jumps off the face with a penetrating ball flight. Kinematic sequencing is so important to the golf swing and just one small thing can completely throw it off. Great job guys. Keep up the incredible content.

  11. For anyone who doesnt want to pay the $50 price for this ball on a string, this essentially does the same as the elastic bands. Example being the callaway swing easy. There are many versions you can get for as little as $5. Martin has some great ideas but these ridiculous prices for training aids has got to stop. Support the competition

  12. I use a similar drill where i keep a towel under my armpits, that should make the same feeling of stayin' connected right? Got the idea from morikawa and works wonders.

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