Our Finest Again To Again Mini Golf Gap In One!

This simply is perhaps our greatest again to again gap in a single ever!

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We’re trying out Tree Tops Golf in Girl Lake, FL. This can be a tremendous enjoyable mini golf course, and we get what’s presumably our greatest again to again mini golf gap in a single but!

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What’s going on BHV! I used to journey the world taking part in drums, now I journey the world taking part in mini golf on the web. Subscribe to my channel so that you will be notified once I put up new movies taking part in a number of the greatest and loopy mini golf programs from everywhere in the nation! From getting a mini golf gap in a single, to discovering the most effective and craziest mini golf programs from everywhere in the nation, be a part of us as we journey everywhere in the United States and the world!

Our Finest Again To Again Mini Golf Gap In One!

Brooks Holt

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47 thoughts on “Our Finest Again To Again Mini Golf Gap In One!

  1. Elisha says "music scared me" but she is wearing a Justin Bieber t-shirt? What can be more scary than Justin Bieber?

  2. I think they heard you when asking to turn off the music hahaha! Also I am so GLAD yall are taking out the flags when hitting in the hole. If it was me I would take them out before the first hit ;). But at least you taking them out before hitting in the hole. Hole 3 Elisha PRO SHOT into the hole!!!! =O. Also when it comes to spinners everyone should spin their own 😉

  3. I found an old post with what looked like Mini Golf on a PC. I think it was called Candyland Golf (par 120). Is that playable by anyone online?

  4. I think u guys already had a better back to back holes in one in a previous vid but this is a good one too, when u get holes in one it always time for chick fil A weither good or not

  5. So on 5 you had a similar spinner result as 18. You went different ways with them though. Elisha went first on 5 and you went first on 18. Coincidence? HEHEHEHE

  6. Good evening to you! I am trying to spread awareness and get our story out there with my wife's Leukemia battle at age 28. We have three kids and just want to share our inspiration at our GoFundMe page. Anything helps! Thank you! Gf.me/u/yp4zhx

  7. I enjoyed the video good shooting! However…. that comment you made "I trained her well" was a pretty sexist thing to say about your significant other in my opinion. Most women would beat the brakes off a guy for making a remark like that. I'm sure its not what you intended but I figured id point it out, just to be mindful of what you say in your videos. Cheers!

  8. c'mon bro 2020…give your girl a hug..a peck on the cheek..whatever on camera ….next option let elisha introduce video… women matter

  9. That gives me an idea for a game you can play: "Richochet.'

    In this game, the ball has to bounce off something at least once per hole. You can't go straight for the hole, and if you do make a hole-in-one without hitting a wall or an obstacle on the way, you get a three-stroke penalty.

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