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A golfer is struggling higher again ache, and requested on my Ask Aimee part
Q: Thanks Aimee, for excellent golf classes. I’ve been enjoying golf for about 20 years. I’m an ENT Physician. Through the downswing I push my proper indirect, conserving my shoulder airplane, I’m now capable of create Y in my put up influence. I’ve been hitting nice. However I’m having higher again ache is there a option to repair this?

Let’s break down what’s inflicting the ache, and I’ll present you a tremendous drill that can assist you calm down your higher physique in seconds!

I hope you take pleasure in!

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14 thoughts on “Methods to calm down your arms in seconds! | Golf with Aimee

  1. great advice and playing some pitch shots helps I think power has spoiled golf you can play better by not trying to kill the ball good short game is key

  2. thanks to you and askaimee golfer for addressing this issue (relaxing the arms & joints!!). With this vid and the previous one about the golf swing analysis for the woman golfer from Korea, i now notice that when you swing with the hips & core your arms, shoulders, & trail foot follow the hips & core in the swing. With my arms/shoulder swing it's the other way around and sometimes the hips & core don't follow. :-/

  3. Awesome video Aimee! I noticed that you don’t use too much “side lateral bend” in your golf swing. Just wondering your thoughts on this? I have to use it because I have short arms and I have a thicker torso. Maybe the next video can cover this. Thanks

  4. What remains? (1) The [Motion] that moves the Club. (2) It's called, [The Swing]. Point: (3) After you've taken your [Grip] (i.e. 3-2 Rhythm) the [Swing Motion] (its Rhythm) is the (1) [Left Hip Front to Right Hip Back]…[Right Hip Front to Left Hip Back]. This is your [Swing's Rhythm] for [Comfort & Success]. A Memory Cue: "The Swing is the Thing". Great Swing, Teacher. PS: It's, also, a great Rhythm for any [Dance Move].

  5. To the Quik:…To relax is comfortable. How to Relax with the Golf Club? i.e. Wood or iron. (1) The Club has a Handle. It's part of the Shaft. (2) The Clubhead is attached to the Shaft. Point:…(3) The [Grip] allows you to feel comfortable with your Club. (3) The [Grip] has a [3-2 Rhythm]. Concluding Note: If your [Rhythm] is off you will feel uncomfortable, not so relaxed, with the Club. At Impact your body will feel it!…Big Tip:…The Grip's [3-2 Rhythm] is the (a) last three (3) fingers of the LH with the first two (2) fingers. (b) The last three (3) fingers of the RH with the first two (2) fingers. Simply place your hand on the Club using this Rhythm for comfort & a relaxing grip. (Pro or amateur, it doesn't matter). You'll feel the difference right away. All for Comfort & Success. Great Teacher, Aimee. (Please remember: The [Hands] are naturally connected to the [Wrists, Elbows, Arms & Shoulders]). Why? "Ease of Motion".

  6. Awesome tips Aimee. It all makes sense and seems simple but how do we maintain that loose, smooth swing? I find when I get a bit tired even after a good start to a round that a try to hit it harder and further to compensate for the tiredness

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