Match Play For A Main Championship? – Fore Play Episode 346

All of us love match play, however ought to the match play format be carried out for a significant championship? Would it not be superior or silly? May it’s each? We’re …

16 thoughts on “Match Play For A Main Championship? – Fore Play Episode 346

  1. 50 lbs is the max weight permitted by OSHA that one person can handle I believe. once it goes over 50, they need at least two people to lift it.

  2. The whole clothes in golf bag thing is crazy! I've shipped a pool cue case with 4 cues in it in my duffle bag. Wth

  3. I'm all for more Match Play but for a Major? Maybe an 18 hole Match Play Playoff to decide a tie but we absolutely need 2-4 Match Play events on the calender as long as one of the events is at Ohoopee Match Club.

  4. Major can be a stretch atm but def need more match play or some other change, gets boring watching JT and DJ shoot 20 under and win

  5. Billy horschel he's 100% golf guy puts in tons of work not always successful I give him credit for the grind golf's hard

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