Marshawn Lynch Enjoying Golf

Had a chance to hold with an incredible. Marshawn could not like getting interviewed or something of the character, however I’ve to say, he is the person. He is a really elegant beast.

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3 thoughts on “Marshawn Lynch Enjoying Golf

  1. Hello Mattn, This is the NFL Network news desk in Los Angeles. We're looking to use your video of Marshaawn Lynch above hitting off the tee for our Good Morning Football show tomorrow morning (10/19). Would you allow us to use it? We would give you an on-screen courtesy. Let me know when you get this message. Thank you!

  2. Could have left the game on a better note. Felt like he abandoned his team and his team mates. Typical "all-about-me" NFL player. He takes all the snaps the week before a playoff game, then he bails out an hour before the bus leaves for the game, thereby forcing the whole offense to change on the fly. Golf form matches his observed character. Luckily, he can now take time to work on both.

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