Malaska Golf // Transition – Joe Nichols, The A-Swing, and Hitting From a Chair

I get a variety of questions from gamers about different instructors’ books, coaching aids and normal philosophies. I like watching the business to see what others are …

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  1. In the words of John McEnroe and Tiger Woods regarding tipping: YOU cAn’T BE SeRiOUs!!!!!

    For god’s sakes, there’s NO such thing as a thing. In any sport.

  2. Thank you again for such clarification. They tell you to lower your head to the ball on downswing which taken literally puts you off balance. It's this "seated" motion with legs that actually lower the head and keeps your hips out of the way.

  3. I’m really not impressed with your poo pooing of the A swing by David Leadbetter. There seems to be a little confusion on your part as to intentionally shallowing the shaft on the downswing. If you read the book properly it’s a by product by going back steep you will automatically come down on the inside. You are intitled to your opinion. The game of golf is not as popular as it used to be because the regular golfer who wants to play decently golf hasn’t the time to practice all the time in order to become efficient in the golf swing. Question is how many major winners have you coached or even yet what percentage of your students go from double digit handicap to low single digits. I will have a gues and say not more than 5 percent.

  4. i’ve tried it all and you can’t get to that front leg properly without what Mike is talking about. at least i can’t and finding the right setup and tempo was crucial for me. so i noticed my worst shots came on when i had tired legs because they wouldn’t bend enough to shift and in that case you hit a push or slice. You also stand up all stiff and your upper body throws you off balance too. But w proper foot work, getting the feel for the right sequencing in terms of weight and how to move your body, and being fit enough to do it all you’re dead before you start.

  5. I just read the A-Swing and Leadbeather does not state to actively flatten the swing. He teaches the club will naturally flatten as a result of the body movement . Also, the backswing is very different as compared to your instruction.

  6. I think you need to bring in an obese high handicapper and help them be more efficient to get them to see it is possible to play golf. From different club shaft length to a swing that allows them to play.

  7. Hi Mike. Have you ever considered the Jim Venetos swing – Preset into the left side and closed then hold the position as you swing? Thanks

  8. Awesome video. I've been feeling this lately and this video explains it perfect. The other day when I was playing and hit a 9 iron on a par 5 about 140 yards out and was the best shot I have ever it. It landed a foot from the hole and literally rolled to the edge of the cup. I felt like I was pushing back almost to the point of falling backwards until my front foot caught my weight then I just pushed my left hip back and drilled it. Best feeling ever. My question Mike is I still feel out of sequence a little and trying to time the sit move. Does this sit move start before the end of the swing or after you have made it to the top. I've caught it perfect a few times but it's really hard to figure out where I'm doing it at. I'm sure each person is different but could you help me out and explain the timing on this. Thank you.

  9. Hi Mike, I just want to thank you for your excellent instruction videos. I completely changed my swings after years of struggling to get more distance and consistency. Your instructions make sense, I've started using my arms more to generate speed like when I was younger (now 45) and I am hitting the ball farther and increased by ball speed dramatically and replaced my long hybrids back with irons again. Most instructions online that focus on lag and body generated speed is misleading at best. My body supports my arms, not the other way around. So thank you! I feel like I should be able to return to single-digit HDCP this year!

  10. I like how you explain things logically and clearly – it makes it sound so simple that you wonder why you never thought of it yourself. But clearly it's the result of a lot of experience, study, knowledge and thought, so thanks for sharing it with us. I don't use an actual chair, but I do try to visualise that "sitting down" feeling to start my downswing – it kind of makes my hips swivel rather than thrust, and it feels like there's more going on in the front hip than the back hip, at least initially.

  11. Mike, When I was studying Hogan's swing, it was noted that he had 'sit down' move. As he swung back, his weight would move to his right leg and then quickly move to his left leg. This creates a bend in his left leg and hence the 'sit down position. I tried this for a few seasons and Played some of the best golf of my life. What I noticed is that the "weight" which is now called "pressure" follows the clubhead. It moves to the right leg and follows the clubhead, now moving toward the target, behind the golfer's head, to the left leg. With the change of direction, the left leg quickly straightens forcing the left hip to rotate and clear. I love your videos, I'm in for all you got! I can't wait to try this with "L to L"

  12. People can teach any technique they want but THE FACTS ARE IF YOU PUT IN THE TIME YOU'LL BE GOOD… If you have hit enough golf balls to know where your club face is it doesn't matter what your swing looks like… I've never had a lesson in my life and shoot under par weekly, I'm 5'6" with an average driver carry of 282-286 yards and can carry 305 if I want to juice one… You don't have to be tall, you don't have to have a picture perfect swing…. Go hit balls until your hands bleed 3 times a week for about a year and you'll figure out your optimum swing

  13. I saw a video of Tiger at the range from about a year ago. That is the exact move he was doing. It obviously looked extremely strange but now it makes complete sense.

  14. The squatting move will help to keep wrist angles through hitting zone to .If you release your wrist angles to soon you will hit it fat .

  15. After 10 years of golfing and who knows how many years of trying to shallow my club I saw your videos and it works right away. It feels so natural. Thank you

  16. Another awesome video mike. You more than anybody else make the most sense to me and it’s not just sense its what I do and it works incredibly well. All this other teaching is MANIPULATION BULLSHIT

  17. Here is what I came up with.
    Student add 100+ yards.
    Another member adds 60 yards from free info.
    Third one has a better timing due to being able to be consistent than any tour pro and he had 12 modern golf trainers over a 5 year period like you Mike over 5 years.
    I did one session with him.

    Anyhow, keep up the guesswork.

  18. Nothing wrong with shallowing the shaft as a feeling to help keep the club on plane for those that are too steep (like myself).  I don't know why you are so fundamentalist about the opposite feeling as the end all be all.  Actually, you have to shallow some or at least be neutral (definitely not steepen) to implement the sit down move you discuss.

  19. Hi Mike, the chances would be slim but do you know anyone that lives in Australia that teaches golf like you.

  20. Mike I'm a PGA Pro in the UK, ( I own 2 fitting studios as the day job but still play in tournaments)if I flew out to see you is that the sort of thing you do? Love the videos always well positioned and informative. Regards Jason MacNiven

  21. Mike … wear a Dynamic remote microphone for sound. You sound in your videos is a little weak and hard to hear. So something better to have your voice and instructions come through.

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