Kevin Kisner vs. The Fore Man Scramble (Pinehurst No. 2)

We took on Kevin Kisner at Pinehurst No. 2. We performed as a 4-man scramble, Kiz taking part in his personal ball. 7,600 yards, Pinehurst No. 2’s U.S. Open ideas. For COVID Reduction.

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36 thoughts on “Kevin Kisner vs. The Fore Man Scramble (Pinehurst No. 2)

  1. if i'm being completely honest…i couldn't decipher who was worse, frankie or trent…..frankie is a lefty and literally just has good form which gives the illusion that he knows wtf he's doing but in all reality..they used more of trent's shots than his…i think the worst part of it is…frankie claims he is a 9 handicap lmfao, more like 29 bruh

  2. Didn't realise Kisner was such a bad sport. Wants to talk up being a pro then talks in your backswing. Good to see him lose and Reed now has competition for my most hated player

  3. And there are people who play like Charles Barkley who suck at Celebrity Golf Tournaments in Lake Tahoe. Meanwhile, you may have Steph Curry, and Michael Jordan, and other basketball celebrities who golf who enjoy it. and then you have dads with sons, who golf or daughters or moms and daughters. And then there are people who don’t play but once a year who suck when they do who only play three holes that don’t care. And then you have exceptional Golfers who were humans born on Planet Earth in The World that we’re made to play Golf that were born to live in The Golf Course like Tiger Woods, or Phil Mickelson, or maybe, just maybe Rory McIlroy who used to get the crowd into a frenzy who once dominated to win 88 or Sam Snead for that matter or Jack even or Ben Hogan. And then you have college golfers who are geezers who play Golf every Saturday who love to play it who get obsessed who play with their friends who make friends at The Country Club who party, and drink all the time who waist their time playing Golf for hours who play Golf all weekend who qualify for Tournaments on a regular basis who spend a lot of time playing Golf for hours playing Golf, and going to Hole Number 19 who grew up playing Golf like Fathers. And then you have Scottish men who play Golf while drinking a good Jolly Old Glass of Whiskey in a Pub. And then you have Golfers who think they are Cowboys, or like Frank Sinatra like Greg Norman used to do, or Bobby Jones used to do, likewise. And then you have well may I just say please President Trump who Golfs when he should be taking care of us as Americans as by exaggeration we could become extinct while he Golfs? And then you have baby boomers like Will Zalatoris who just finished like fifth this past week. Ladies Golf too especially nowadays. Girls, and Boys (kids) especially now more than ever that are young like really young like I’m talking eight, or nine years old Golf. Now more than ever! And then you have driving ranges that are locals and then you have charity Golf. Why is it so difficult, and making a hole-in-one is harder than getting a on every single test you take in college including your SAT that’s insane some people never make a hole-in-one in their life. In fact, most people don’t make hole in ones ever except on mini golf putt-putts. Lol. Golf is a weird game! It certainly has been one of the better sports to play during the 2020 pandemic, though! But still. I never understood Golf! I do not get that sport. There are many sports I don’t get including NASCAR. Golf is one sport that I don’t get more than NASCAR even if not every single bit as much. Who owns golf? I mean, there is the USGA, the PGA, there are other organizations like Canadian golf, as well as youth golf organizations like the Korn Ferry, as well as European golf tour. LPGA, etc. I mean it’s hard to even get a birdie for that matter. Why is golf so difficult to understand?

  4. Watching Kiz swing: Man, Kiz has a nice swing.
    Watching the Barstool guys swing: Man, Kiz has the nicest swing I've ever seen. Godlike.

  5. Caddie: Straight at it.
    Lurch: So like left edge, or straight at it?
    Caddie: …Straight at it.
    Lurch: So 2 balls left?
    Caddie: Honestly do whatever you want.

    Repeat x2

  6. Wish I could talk to that foursome as they tee off 14 and tell them slow your pace of play up just a little bit guys and Kisner will fold like a wet rag

  7. Kisner makes it hard not to keep commenting. We're sorry Mr. Kisner or perhaps the boys are supposed to be addressing you as God with the way your talking under your breath but maybe you need to remember this is for charity and I believe these guys are responsible for bringing money into the charity and one other thing you might want to realize… statistics show it will take four people longer to hit four balls that it will one guy to hit his one ball and remember that one guy used to play on tour and we do stress the phrase USED TO. Since you are God's gift to golf should you not be blowing these boys Away by now instead of one down? In other words it appears you need to shut your mouth up. In the words of Andy Kaufman… thank you very much… and everybody does not have to go by first name because I think everybody else out there is calling you asshole.

  8. Through five holes Lookout Kisner I think you're the one falling apart… Step It Up or these boys will finish you around hole 13.bahahaha

  9. I think Kisner just needs to shut his mouth dogging the amateurs out or somebody needs to go over there and hammerfist him and shut his little mouth.
    That's where I would be good for the team. I would whoop Mister Snobs (Kisners) candy ass. Then I would drive him right down jabroni Avenue and I would check his smart mouth into the Smackdown Hotel. If you smell what The Rock izzzz ….Cookin~~~

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