Instructing My Girlfriend How To Play Golf | Episode 3

Matt and Maddie are again at it once more! Belief me you guys she is getting so significantly better it’s insane. She desires to play golf greater than me proper now and I really like that!

20 thoughts on “Instructing My Girlfriend How To Play Golf | Episode 3

  1. See my comments for Maddie from Episode 3. I think they will really help her. I am a PGA Pro and have been teaching for about 40 years

  2. Par 3 is the hardest, it is not forgiving like a 5. The pro here makes the new students hit while holding a Tennis ball under their chin, To keep the head down . When he teacher 9, p, sw. He makes them start with a quater swing(just pass the knees) then half swing and finaly full swing so they know their distances when 2 close for full swing. They learn it fast.

  3. new sub 😀 my two cents i got my mother playing some golf to get her out of the house , she was very new to the game i got her swinging 9-3 and told her to watch the club hit the ball . with in a week she was hitting the wedge crazy good big fan of the channel if your ever in san diego lets play torrey pines.

  4. I made a comment about her swing a couple of her playing lessons ago. One was about her keeping the bend in that right knee, now she's doing it. And another was about her not moving her head, and she now keeping her head still. Since I made the comment on the same day as this one, I had nothing to do with her success. She is really improving fast. You are a good teacher, you should help kids if you ever get a chance. The one thing some forget who teach is to make it fun. I have a feeling you'd be great at that and it's great watching them progress. You two are great at entertaining.

  5. I can respect you for making the thumbnail the way it is
    You know what you got and you’re showing it off!

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