I WASN'T EXPECTING THIS | Taking part in from the entrance tees | Micah Morris

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35 thoughts on “I WASN'T EXPECTING THIS | Taking part in from the entrance tees | Micah Morris

  1. Commenting for the algorithm man. Always enjoy watching your content. How many decent courses are within 45minutes if you Micah? For me it’s around 12. I live in central Canada.

  2. Hey tig I have a question for you. In your video what’s in the bag you mentioned you cut your driver to I believe 3 wood length. Did you need to add weight to the head of your driver and did you notice it affecting your shaft?

  3. I love how in the time I’ve followed all of you guys, you’ve only changed your putter once while everyone else has like 7 times combined. Trust in equipment!

  4. Micah you left all your putts short and some misreads. I would say try when you read your putt see the ball rolling through the hole and ending like 2 ft past. Might help or might hurt

  5. I'd like to see you play three holes hitting both RH and LH to see if you can score the same. So tee off RH, then tee off LH on the same tee box and continue to play each ball RH and LH until you putt out. I'd lend you my set of lefties but I live in HI and its a long long way.

  6. would love to see an on-course video of you and jerge as your playing coach. you guys seem great together!

    edit to add: game looks solid, man! i'm not trying to say you need anyone to coach you when you play like this! just that you and george had a cool dynamic in the last good good challenge. i think it would be fun to watch the two of you play/strategize together on a full-sized instead of a putt-putt course 🙂

    keep grinding and look forward to more videos like this!!

  7. I’d be interested to see you hit a further club than necessary for every shot. Like how well can you dial back a 7 iron on a shot calling for a 9

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