Find out how to play golf like learners. Golf is again in England and with a four month layoff Mark and Coach see if they’ll nonetheless play golf. Mark takes extra pace onto the …

40 thoughts on “HOW TO PLAY GOLF Can We Bear in mind HOW TO PLAY

  1. Welcome back but less of the Basketball please. It’s the most boring sport that humans play with a ball (F1 and horse racing being the ones not involving one).

  2. FYI, as of new rules, hole 1, opening shot, Mark was playing 4 into the green. Dropping a lost tee shot is dropping 3, hitting 4, not 3. So, that is a double bogey, not bogey. The alternative, hit 3 from the tee. Dropping from the missed tee shot is +2 penalty. No big deal, just hoping to add clarity to the few that may read this post. Side note, no slam on Mark, I love Mark Crossfield videos and his overall attitude and honesty!

  3. Got my first birdie at about 9.20 on the 16th having teed off at 6.32am! Good to see you back guys – where were the rest of the membership??? Not starting until today?

  4. The goggles guy has been working on his swing speed, while Matt? What have you been up to, changing dipers?

  5. Remember to warm up and cool down properly to maintain your range of motions! Stiffness comes in play, when growing old! And all them injuries start to remind you from your younger days…

  6. Muppet Tour is Back! I woke up the Mrs. laughing at Coach almost taking out the town's power line. I couldn't contain the laughter. Unlucky that one…

  7. Mark's got that high right shoulder thru impact, nicely done. Coach hitting the wire…golf is good…Mark, will you be reviewing some chainsaws in the near future???

  8. Nice to see you back ! Happy golfing yo you ! I am in the same situation as Matt . My last full swing happened months ago and curfew is not over in France . Commercial activities will resume this summer only . Strange shape of things .

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