How To Hit Ball First Then Turf | Cease Your Slice! | ME AND MY GOLF

How To Hit The Ball First Then Turf | Cease Your Slice! – On this video we present you ways we helped one in every of our purchasers Adam. Adam was struggling rather a lot with slicing …

35 thoughts on “How To Hit Ball First Then Turf | Cease Your Slice! | ME AND MY GOLF

  1. Thank you for the ball striking drill. I have been having a nightmare hitting balls that aren't teed up as of late. Will give it a go on the range. Cheers fellas.

  2. This is amazing. I have been trying this in the back yard and is changing my angle amazingly. Only been playing for a year and can't afford lesson you guys are amazing. Thank you.

  3. When I started golfing this season I was hitting +100 and could not figure out how to bring that down. Since watching you guys and implementing your tips I’m down to the mid 80’s! Thank you for what you do!! It makes a huge difference.

  4. Great drill with the head covers. I struggle with slicing my driver just about every time I hit it., but manage to keep my irons straight or hook them.

  5. Always train the oppesite what you don´t want to have on the golf course. So if you slice, try and learn hooking – and play arround with it. If you top it, try and hit the ground and learn to find the middle. Always the oppesite – if just I did know this 20 years ago as i started playing

  6. I will try the head cover tip at the range today. Will this work for driver as well? I’m struggling to hit from the inside with my driver.

  7. Seriously gents, who designs your coaching outfits?
    It's like half of this channel is great golf tips and the other half is you two getting kitted out by Louis Vuitton out there!

  8. You guys are amazing. Have helped my game so much so, that I have put you guys on my bucket list to get a day with you guys fixing whatever you see I would need to do

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  10. I can't wait to try these drills. I feel like I can do both drills inside without a ball when it gets too cold to be outside.

  11. Hey guys, thanks for your great videos! I'm learning a lot. I appreciate your work. Ok now… It might be a little off topic, but do you guys have a video on how to learn/validate the distance of your irons. I mean, what is a good procedure to follow to make sure I have the right information, the right distance for each iron. I want to know exactly what distance I cover with each iron. I assume you do this at the driving range, but is there a way it should be done? If you don't have a video already on that, would you consider doing one? Cheers! ⛳

  12. my slice is just caused by me hitting it off the toe; since a toe strike results in a shot that goes straight right with my ap2s, my body eventually compensates by pulling the club to the left and now I have a pretty bad toey slice. Working on getting my hands farther away from my head (to the left) at my finish, which makes me have better arm extension at impact and makes me hit a straight shot/draw *sometimes

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