How To Get Round The Golf Course

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Easy methods to get across the golf course with mark Crossfield AskGolfGuru and james Dimond. Watch as Mark and james play the again good at Crediton Golf membership and discuss how they play the course and make the alternatives they do.

45 thoughts on “How To Get Round The Golf Course

  1. my understanding is that golf is a game where the goal is to hit the ball into the hole.  why then do so many people not finish up their hole?   is it ego, that they don't want to face missing it AGAIN, or what?  personally, I dont think you have played a whole round until you have heard the ball hit the cup 18 times.  is this weird?  thanks…

  2. James eadie and lab36Tek no need to argue were all friends in this world just have a cup of tea a scone and resolved your differences

  3. That's because you can choose to, like them, draw your shot around the trees. If you choose not to you're leaving yourself a pretty long second shot. For their second shots, they hit over more trees when they could have hit towards the end of the fairway and left themselves a clear third to the green. Basically what they did was took a shortcut.

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  5. It looked to me that James could have picked it up on camera so that people like me don't think that this is nothing more than your ego on parade

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