How one can break 80 in golf with out the proper golf swing. Mark Crossfield and Coach Lockey enjoying golf earlier than the lockdown within the UK speaking about breaking 80 in golf attempting to attain on the golf course when their golf swings aren’t in place. The right golf swing can usually work towards golfers attempting to play higher golf and enhance their golf scores to interrupt 80 or 75 in golf. Taking part in golf and having on the right track golf classes may assist many golfer enhance their golf video games, attempting to work on the proper golf swing for a lot of golfers easy leads them down a useless finish highway that doesn’t actually assist them decrease their golf scores. Taking part in your greatest golf has many various that means for golfers and sometimes ensuring you possibly can play golf and get across the golf course even in your unhealthy days is a large forgotten golf ability.

Let me know within the feedback beneath if these golf movies provide help to and if you wish to see extra from our breaking 80 breaking 75 and breaking 90 collection.

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  1. love watching your videos. I'm wondering about irons. Has they improved a lot over the last five years? And if so how and why? thanks

  2. buenas la verdad re lindo video lo disfrute bastante espero el siguiente grabación me retiro les mando besitos gracias

  3. When the wheels falloff during the round I find that my attitude needs to change. Stop overthinking and play within myself.;It’s very frustrating when you start off the round with a couple of doubles. Thats golf for you,sometimes we got, sometimes we don’t. As the French would say 'C'est la Vie'.Have fun playing as I would never be able to provide for my family (years ago) if that was a job..

  4. How… practice chipping and putting and then practice chipping and putting some more … It's the only way, we put so much effort in to trying to hit the ball far and straight, when for us breaking 80 comes down to 150yards and in. The putter is the only club we use on every hole and how many greens in regulation are we actually hitting not many there for you must chip well,

  5. I’m a good ball striker, consistency is key. But what I find 100% is practice your short game, Pitching & putting everyday. It’s all about the short game this sport. The ability to get up & down & out of trouble. Practice your short game as much as your long game & you will break 80.

  6. I cannot WAIT to get back on the golf course once the lockdown is lifted. Thanks for your videos Mark and coach – keeping me sane!

  7. Not sure where you came up with this title. You for sure didn't break 80. Some very liberal gimmies on the putting surface. There is zero instruction in this video.

  8. OK one thing Mark said that rang true, you have choices for shots, and it is a learning process sometimes, other times it is just safe shooting to avoid extra strokes used when learning. However I myself try stuff all the time and I am always learning, most of the time. If I get a great round going I might shoot more conservative to say, break 80. But as often happens, when I blow one hole, after that I likely will be trying harder shots, going for it, etc, the score is no longer an issue, it is a learning round.

  9. wow what a divot for such a crap shot 🙂 Sometimes I wonder what if all golfers took divots like that, hell there'd be no grass left.

  10. Crossfield, tell yourself you're the best ever short game player ever before your chip/pitches. I remember that you had a great short game, when you had the ask golf guru channel.

  11. As a lefty, always had a thinking game, most courses are clockwise with OBs on the left, never the right, and chipping and pitching depend on the time of the year and the lie, in the winter, I’m chipping with a hybrid, in the summer 8 or 9, s wedge and higher only when really needed

  12. I have an over the top, steep, across the line, and open club face swing and I shoot 75 and under all the time. I've know how to shape shots, control spin and heights with what I have. Gotta play with how your swing works for you

  13. Fascinating to hear you chaps articulating what most of us internalise when out on the course. Reinforces for me how much of this silly but wonderful game is actually played out between our ears!

  14. Its crazy how much you struggle mentally with green side wedge chips.
    From those areas Im like you on the tee box and from the tee box Im like you with that tight wedge.

  15. I enjoyed Mark's indecision on the 2nd last green wether 58 or 6 iron was best. I would always use my 60, while 1 of my partners would use his 7 iron while another would always putt. Nothing is wrong with all 3 options as is all about what you are comfortable with.

  16. The last video had so many really, really basic mental errors but in less than a hole in this I've given up, exasperated, but from somebody who charges for lessons? 'if i dont duff this I'll be amazed' from that point there was one outcome possible… Don't know what else happened.

  17. G'Day Mark, I've always been a fan of the way Faldo played golf……HIt fairway, hit green two putts for par, if you knock it close maybe a birdie….looked boring but his record speaks for itself….All Good Bruh !

  18. Interesting moment 6 iron or 58 wedge short chip to pin on second to last hole. I play off 17 but peole think I should be lower. I win the match play a lot. I now know why. Matchplay I play a 6 iron, medal I hit a 58 and my make percentage is low. Hence not dropping handicap. But I love trying to hit the 58 properly!

  19. I wonder if some would get more out of watching a 11 year old break 80 rather than comparing to adults. When you can only hit it 150 to 180 yards off the tee you don't typically hit trouble. Playing in competitions of the comp tees the biggest challenge was sometimes reaching the fairway. I have two points, as a youngster you learn to play the game from the flagstick rather than the tee, and the other despite what the stats for the pro says, keeping the ball in play off the tee is gold.

  20. I remember good scrambles more than "perfect" holes. Two in particular I'll never forget.

    1) Pull left into the woods, totally in jail except a high hole in the canopy. Hit 7 iron, off a root, through the hole to green-side bunker with up-and-down for par

    2) Push right into woods. Only shot was a 5 iron under the trees into green-side bunker. Holed out the bunker shot for birdie.

    It's those situations where you have slim chance that really challenge the skill in ones game.

  21. Manufactured shots, awkward stances, punching out from under trees, wedges around the green are my strengths. I play off 17. When I compare myself to other players in our society off a similar handicap it always amazes my how straight they are off the tee and how bad they are around greens. If they played off the tee and regular fairway shots and I played all the other shots for them I reckon between us we would be approaching single figures.

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