How I Play Golf (Ethan Chung) – Full Swing

Considered one of 7 years outdated Ethan Chung’s tee pictures made within the Santa Teresa Golf Course’s Little League Week three Competitors.

9 thoughts on “How I Play Golf (Ethan Chung) – Full Swing

  1. wow im 36 and been studying the swing for 3 yrs solid and he hits it much better than i do, excuse me while i /wrists

  2. @myc724 I want to add to that…make sure you thump the ground and hit ever so slightly behind the ball…if you hit it like a normal shot you will blade it…because the leading edge is out significantly farther so hitting down on it will not make the ball hit the clubface. The angle is so much more that you need a shallower angle of attack to get the same contact, and that angle is slightly up so you must hit the ground before the ball, but only about 1/4 to 1/2 inch. hopefully this helps!

  3. @BeAsT2341000: Open your club face and open your stance. Take a forward ball position, and take a deeper swing arch. Sorry, I don't play much golf in the winter, so my next video will probably be in the spring. Meanwhile, please check out my " Flop Shot " video to see how I hit a flop shot. Also, I think Phil Mickelson's flop shot video is awesome. ~Ethan~

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