Highlights | Tommy Fleetwood vs. Bryson DeChambeau | WGC-Dell Match Play | 2021

In Spherical three of the 2021 World Golf Championships-Dell Applied sciences Match Play, Tommy Fleetwood defeated Bryson DeChambeau 1-up to advance to the …

26 thoughts on “Highlights | Tommy Fleetwood vs. Bryson DeChambeau | WGC-Dell Match Play | 2021

  1. Top golf today is more or less a putting competition. You see guys all over the place, but they often have the resources to get close to the green in the right amount of shots. After that it's all chips and—most of all—putts. Top scorers are the guys who all of a sudden drain those 25 foot putts and or are having a good day inside 9 feet.
    I think the last hole is a good example: Bryson basically drives the green and hits a good pitch close to, but not gimme distance to the flag. Misses birdie and taps in par. Fleetwood is all over the place and ends up scrambling by making a solid putt to tie hole and stay up.
    And it's not just this match play that I only use as an example. As Johnny Miller was quoted: the difference between a 72 and a 66 is 6 putts that misses by 'this' much (holds up thumb and index finger barely letting air through).

  2. Does anybody knows the stats of the best match play golfer in the history of golf, ex. who has won the most MP tourneys?

  3. Great to see the massively overhyped dechambeau lose again. 2 wins and 10 losses in 14 matchplay matches as a pro.

  4. Fleetwood’d scrambling ability is off the charts this round. He was on cart paths, bunkers, water, ditches, stones and managed to bounce back from almost all of them, sometimes winning the hole.

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