Highlights | Spherical of 16 and Quarterfinals | WGC-Dell Match Play | 2021

Try the perfect photographs from the Spherical of 16 and Quarterfinals matches of the 2021 World Golf Championships-Dell Applied sciences Match Play, that includes Billy …

15 thoughts on “Highlights | Spherical of 16 and Quarterfinals | WGC-Dell Match Play | 2021

  1. Love to see a mix of highs and lows. Highlighting important moments as opposed to a constant barrage of good shots. It gets to be very predictable and almost easy to skip in the YouTube era.

    Very American way of summing things up; only show the excellent moments.

  2. These match play events would be so much better if it was top women golfer paired up with top man player would get more people to watch , mix it up as well ,front 9 u can only use 6 clubs u pick out of bag , then back 9 all clubs in bag , golf needs to attract more viewers match play is borefest anyway who is running golf try something new

  3. Not the stellar final field the sponsors were hoping for to attract viewers…I wouldn’t know Victor Perez if he delivered a pizza…Pat Perez sure..

  4. if perez is playing so great, why does he get little to no tv time and his only highlights are two putts and and iron shot? its disgraceful

  5. @pgatour instead of calling this highlights. Call it the best of round 3… putts. I get it, the putt is the result and a highlight but us fans would love to see the approach shots and more. You have amazing players hitting amazing shots all day and the only thing you give us is 4 mins of putting. Throw in commercials and make these videos 10-15 mins long. I personally do not have time to watch the live coverage. I have two toddlers and I want to watch but find my time doing other things. What I am trying to say is that I freakin LOVE the PGA tour, your organization is amazing. What I am asking for, give us who do not get the chance to watch the live show something worth watching. Thank you.

  6. If Kuch putts tomorrow like he did today, he will win it all. Many have watched my putting video and picked up valuable tips. " SIMPLE SPIN Putting Lesson theory"

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