Highlights | Billy Horschel vs. Scottie Scheffler | WGC-Dell Match Play | 2021

Within the Championship match within the 2021 World Golf Championships – Dell Applied sciences Match Play, Billy Horschel defeats Scottie Scheffler 2&1. SUBSCRIBE to …

31 thoughts on “Highlights | Billy Horschel vs. Scottie Scheffler | WGC-Dell Match Play | 2021

  1. The final was an absolute snooze fest. It was the most boring final days play I've seen in years and the match officials did nothing. Both players should have been put on the clock and then docked 1 hole for continued slow play. Numerous occasions of players taking 2/3 minutes per shot. There was an instance where Scheffler hit his approach in the water and then took nearly 4 minutes to drop and hit a 100 yard approach. It was a 2 club length drop and a sand wedge FFS!!
    Can both tours also seriously consider ditching the following…caddies helping the players line up in the greens, green books and alignment lines on the ball. Schefflers putting routine is glacial. I'm a golf nut, but switched off an hour before end!!

  2. The hardest final to watch ever. Can’t even watch this highlight video. They take so long to play it was unwatchable

  3. Very happy for Billy. Got his revenge after the Wyndham Championship last year. Good to see him back on that elite level… and if he keeps making putts at the majors, who knows? Dude hit 18 greens in a US open round once… just saying

  4. Once Billy had Scottie under pressure (about the time Billy chipped in), Scottie’s swing and putting fell apart. Billy’s lag putting was so good, Scottie knew he’d need birdies to win no matter where Billy ended up on the green. Scottie’s swing cracked under the pressure; it’s not repeatable under the gun. He pull hooked everything off the tee because his shoulder rotation flattened, almost like a baseball bat swing. He started trying to force shots farther down range than he could accurately produce, and he got beat.

  5. I’m sorry but Billy was totally unenjoyable to watch. Maybe it’s the way he approaches his ball, or him constantly dropping his clubs. Not upset he won, just wasn’t as enjoyable as some.

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