GOLFER'S BIGGEST MISTAKES ON PAR 3'S – Three Easy Golf Suggestions

GOLFER’S BIGGEST MISTAKES ON PAR 3’S – Three Easy Golf Suggestions These are the largest errors all golfers make when taking part in Par Three holes on the golf course.

27 thoughts on “GOLFER'S BIGGEST MISTAKES ON PAR 3'S – Three Easy Golf Suggestions

  1. I specialise in taking 5 shots on par 3s. Really useful video…but what was distracting you to your right? I did some media training in the dim and distant past. Rule number 1…dont look away from the lens! This is why many politicians look shifty…(and they may well be). Looking forward to getting on the course and practicing these tips. Good work!

  2. Matt, question for you. Should we go a club longer off a tee with an iron as opposed to hitting that same iron off the deck? That's assuming the ball's not teed too high in the first place. I struggle hitting irons off a tee.

  3. I never underestimate par 3s. Both courses I play at have real card wrecker opening holes. Happily this year my par 3 stats have been really good, makes a huge difference on your score.
    Good point on club selection, over a season I can be between three different clubs depending on wind and run on the course.

  4. Excellent video as always. Your idea of having different coloured flags is a good one and one I always use depending on the severity of the hole. Play away from the hole if the severity of the miss is too great. You must also know your club yardages aswell. Play for the easiest part of the green which suits your shot shape. Have a good weekend and look forward to your next video.

  5. Three great tips Matt; most of the par 3s on my course are nightmare to the average golfer
    Really like the red / amber / green approach; I've been trying that for some time with good results

  6. You're allowed to position the ball two (2) club lengths behind the tee markers. Use that area to find the most level ground and better target angle. Even a better shot angle can be found within the width of relatively narrow markers.

  7. Why do I hit most greens (60+%) as a PAR 3 from pretty much any distance…but lower than 30% from the fairways? I cannot figure it out. I've got 5 holes in one…but last time I holed out…was at least 25 years ago.

  8. I saw Arnold Palmer on the Johnny Carson show back in the 70's and the question came up about teeing the ball up on par 3's. Arnold responded this game is hard enough so whenever your allowed to tee it up, tee it up and forget about what your seeing the pros do.

  9. I always use a broken tee. It gives it a slight bit of height but it's not so high as to hit the top part of the face. It also helps for hitting the center of the face. For me anyway

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