GOLF MISTAKES Even the TOUR Professionals are getting WRONG

Golf errors even the tour professionals are getting fallacious. Mark Crossfield is speaking about golf errors that golfers is perhaps making and the way even the tour professionals are …

42 thoughts on “GOLF MISTAKES Even the TOUR Professionals are getting WRONG

  1. His distance is a skill and the way he has pushed the rules re putting is a skill but the governing bodies have failed us. Fair play to Bryson – I am off to get an arm lock putter.

  2. Absolutely a skill that he has to work very hard at. He’s improved as a player. Golf is always about getting better. It’s not like he wins every time he tees it up. I think people are over reacting to his great efforts

  3. What Bryson has achieved is very impressive, and there's definitely lessons there for the rest of us.

    However I am concerned that, at the elite level, this goes the way of rugby and other sports, and only huge guys can compete.

  4. If its not a skill why are the top 5 “World long distance driver” professionals not A) on the PGA and B) in the top 10 in the world. We don’t need to save golf courses the players still have to find a way round (using skills and management). Par is just a number!

  5. Of course it's a skill – and I don't buy MF's bs about "Bryson taking away the skill aspect of the game" (with his length) – I would say 99.99% of golfers would want to have more distance off the tee.

    Let's put it this way – if God shows himself to MF one day and says "Matt – you've been a spot on lad. I like you. Would you like me to add 40 more yards to your average drive w/o sacrificing dispersion (yes, in my world, God is a golf nut)?"

    I'd trade my left nut for that deal.

    Driving it long and straight requires skill – but having said that, it isn't the ONLY SKILL that matters – you've still got to hit your wedges close and hole those putts. When BDC won the US Open, he was holing putts from everywhere. Which wasn't the case in last week's Shriner's.

  6. maybe i am wrong but didn"t matt say its not a skill to hit it that far?theres a guy in my club that hits it near as long as bryson does but the he drives it into the trees and plays off 16 handicap,do i think he is skilled for driving it that far,fuck no hes if he could hit it that far and control the ball now that would be skill dont you think.

  7. "I'm not saying they don't know…" but they clearly don't know. Golf pros are not scientists. It's funny that they make a comment like that when they clearly don't know what they are talking about.

  8. If bryson has the skill to hit a 5.5 degree driver he shouldn't be faulted for it and make a lot limit. The other pros can do the same thing and decrease loft if it will make them longer

  9. The ability to put 40lb+ weight/ mass doesn’t take skill, but learn to use it in comp and make it consistent is a massive skill and it no different to a player working on losing some weight and becoming more flexible to produce more power and reduce injury.

  10. Another thing to realise is pro sports people are generally not that bright, they have just played sport for most of their lives. Good on them for getting really good and making a lot of money from it but don’t knock others who have worked really hard and showed you they can do it better!

  11. Of course it's a skill.
    What he has done is just moving on from the work Tiger did to be more of an athlete.
    Now Bryson is just being more like a long drive competitor but with the all around golf game.
    Its just sour grapes from Fitzpatrick

  12. My thinking is, how long will their golf career be? we are seeing more and more of these long hitters get injuries and that speed will drop off when they breach their 35-40’s. I am 52 and I played most of my golf through the Faldo era, I am now trying to swing faster and hit the ball further. Let’s see how the big hitters go at the Masters, Tiger, Reed, Spieth, Garcia and Willett are long but not in Bryson/Brooks/DJ or Mcilroy bracket and they won because they played the best.

  13. What I don’t get about Fitzpatrick comments is how does he propose they stop Bryson doing what he’s doing? If they roll that ball back in terms of limiting distance then Matt is going restricted by proportionally the same amount, Bryson will still be further down the hole because he can swing the club faster and has worked how the most efficient launch conditions. I can’t swing the club as fast as Matt Fitzpatrick but I wouldn’t accuse him of cheating, which is unfortunately how his comments have come across, I do like Matt as a player and he seems a genuinely decent and honest guy. I’m sure Bryson hasn’t lost any sleep over it

  14. Sounds like a lot of jealous people to me, Jack beat every one because he hit it longer, straighter and made more putts under pressure, Tiger did exactly the same and now Brooks and Bryson have taken it another step further. Hard work doesn’t always create good results but as Arnie said “the harder I worked, the luckier I got”.

  15. I think really you just have to simply what fitz was trying to say I think he really means golf as an art is losing its way just like football is it because they are adapting to the Times we are in and don't stand for the history they once were ……i interpreted it as golf wasnt about hitting balls long and it was about accuracy and being able to hit the ball any shape and being rewarded for the complete golfer but that sadly isn't golf anymore …..

  16. Surely golf has enough rules as it is. Why do golfers, especially pros, want to create more unwritten rule about what should and shouldn’t be done?

  17. the skill is not to hit it straight per say I can hit a wedge pretty straight, the skill is to hit it a long way as straight as possible- well done Bryson 🙂 To be fair, I need to really understand the context of what Fitzpatrick was trying to say, If I cut him some slack and say there should be more benefit to hitting the fairway rather than straight up distance- well I agree, but that as you say is another story.

  18. Just been quite far down in the comments, haven't seen anyone saying that Bryson isn't skilled. He deserves every win he gets for being a beast!

  19. Some of the comments around Bryson such as steroids etc. The bloke is just trying to be the best he can be, what is wrong with that if it is done legally? The mentality of failure and negativity is so destructive, I don't get it.

  20. It's pretty simple, no skill involved – I bomb it as far as I can and hope to pitch it on every weekend. Problem is I can't pitch on from out of bounds.

  21. Narrow fairways at around say the 300 yard mark to something like 10 feet; tall rough either side. If you can develop the skill to bomb accurately at 400 yards, great. Otherwise hit the drive short of the narrowing. Adjust courses until there is not a great advantage for inaccurate bomb driving.

  22. I have started playing again after a 15 year hiatus between teens and mid thirties, and find it so funny that they are moaning about the exact same thing as they were back then! Same commentators moaning about the ball going too far and making the game too easy. It is so ignorant. Hitting the ball further faster is so hard. Eating the everything in sight and working out and gaining mass is hard. Especially while keep the flexibility to still swing. 'New' Bryson has only been playing for a few months! There will be a point where the mass he puts on could adversely affect his game and i think he will push it to that point just to see what happens. Genetics plays a huge role in any professional sport. You wouldn't ask Usain Bolt to slow down to let the short guys keep up! Any equipment change will affect the short hitters just as much as the long ones. They should view it as a challenge to improve and stop whining about the bigger boys never letting them win.

  23. Cant we all just enjoy playing the game… however best we see fit? Its talked about so much RE: Bryson like he is winning every single tournament he enters? Didnt Martin Laird just beat him in the same tournament? He doesnt hit it as far. Bryson is working hard and fair play! I could try it I gaurantee I couldnt do what he has done. Still a skill! Just play the game and enjoy

  24. Bryson is an easy target as he’s different. Take McIlroy, actually shorter than Fitz but has a completely different build, which he worked hard to achieve (and maintain I’m sure) that has made him an elite athlete and one of longest on tour, depending on the day sometimes longer than Bryson. Fitzpatrick has come across really poorly in his comments, like a petty spoiled child. In every sport on an annual basis, records are being broken, the human body through science, understanding & modern training is getting bigger & better. Why would or should golf be any different? Evolve & get better or get left behind Matthew…

  25. I don’t see how anyone can disagree with someone else pushing the boundaries. People in all walks of life push the boundaries. Da Vinci, Mozart, Einstein, Kubrick, Spielberg, Hendrix, Nicklaus etc have all done it and are now legends in their own arenas.
    If you don’t like what someone is doing that’s up to you, but don’t belittle it because all you do is make yourself look bitter, jealous or a twat!
    Great video Mark and wholeheartedly agree!!

  26. Nice to be talking about an individual that is changing the game rather than the usual talk about clubs/ball making the courses redundant. By the way, Matt Wolf must be laughing. He is not exactly short off the tee either, but Bryson is taking the heat.

  27. Why is everyone suggesting he was pushing PEDs? I'm not saying he wasn't i have no proof of that but the suggestion that someone can not bulk in that time frame is rediculous.

    Dont forget this guy was locked down for months not weeks. He would of had a tailored diet and exorcise regime.
    The right Exercise+calorific excess= bulk.
    Like him or not the man has taken a new approach to golf with his coach. Golf has always been about angles and speeds so why not look at it as a science/maths problem??

    100% skill and 100% just genius.

  28. Very interesting conversation. From my own stats I see that I hit more greens from off the fairway.Which raises a couple of questions. Am I better from the rough/first cut? I don’t think so. I believe because I usually try to find a part of the hole, especially when I try to bomb a driver, either left or right to have a easier shot in. I’m usually aiming for that side and not particularly for the middle of the fairway.

  29. Speed is definitely a skill but I do understand that course designs (hazard positions, doglegs etc) are becoming unchallenging for longer (and perhaps even average length) tour players. The only action I can think of that would keep the skill of speed in the game (one player relative to another) and avoid changing all the courses is to limit the ball for pros. The one set of rules for all argument doesn't hold up for me as specific local rules are used in pro tournaments already anyway.

  30. Skill. No question it’s a skill. In my opinion all that’s happening here is other pros are criticizing his approach to the game in lieu of saying what they want to say about him….but can’t. Bryson is a grade A, thoroughbred ASS HAT. Plain and simple…the guy is just a terrible human. It doesn’t behoove other tour pros to speak the truth about the guy as they have to be mindful of their own image. Albeit 100% true, it’s just a bad look to publicly talk about what a pure scumbag this guy is.

  31. MFP should say well done in public then use how he really feels to motivate himself to look for any gains he can get that fit his beliefs/limitations. Nobody likes listening to whiners.

  32. Really interesting Mark. Ultimately the players aren’t playing the course they’re playing each other! There’s plenty of ways courses can change or not to suit bombers or pat pat golfers and over a season they’ll be winners and losers. GOLF!

  33. It’s a lot like in baseball when Mcguire, Sosa, and others bulked up and hit more home runs. But what was recognized then was just bulking up did not automatically give you the skill to hit a 100mph fastball. Even though he is longer, BAD did not win last week, could not put a wedge close enough to the hole after driving it 390. Some pro’s in the past have tried bulking up in an effort to gain distance, and it ruined their game. If it was only pure distance, give Jamie Sadlowski a 48 inch driver. He’ll make BAD look like David Toms. But Jamie doesn’t have the rest of the game it takes to be top tier. If BAD figures out how to stick his 50 and in shots, that could be disastrous for everyone else. Finally, Fitz should just stop whining like a baby, ever since he got some attention with Reed, I guess he feels like the world needs to hear from him on golf matters. Not!

  34. The thing is he has worked hard to gain the mass which anyone can do, he thinks outside the box and his putting might he the best part of his game which seems to go unnoticed.

    You have to take your hat off to him.

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