GOLF: How The Proper Leg Works In The Downswing

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9 thoughts on “GOLF: How The Proper Leg Works In The Downswing

  1. Thanks again for all the knowledge guys would you say that you're trying to time your right knee to arrive at the ball wirh the club head thanks

  2. I've come to the conclusion that it takes a year of putting your drills in place, and then forgetting them and then reviewing them and putting them in place again etc etc, to realize that they do eventually come together and teach you a golf swing. i'm not real long at 55, but i'm hitting every club solid and consistently like never before, especially 3-5 irons that I always hit fat before.I can honestly say "I've got it" finally. Only because of the way you articulate every cause and effect. Thanks Eric.

  3. when the right leg strecthes, should there be some kind of jump up to kickstart the motion, or is jumping more up to the left leg to straighten?

  4. You don't see any of the other pro's do what Lexi does in her follow-thru. She's practically leaping out of her shoes as she's following thru…this isn't normal cuz nearly no one else looks like that. I doubt you'll be able to find even ONE Pro male golfer who's follow thru looks like Lexi's…

  5. Thanks for the video. I wish Steve would have addressed the problem of too much internal right knee rotation towards the target at left arm parallel in the downswing. Steve addressed the problem of the right knee going forward, but he did not mention the turning of the right knee too much inward toward the target too early in the downswing as a problem. Or is that not a concern? Thanks again for all of your excellent instruction.

  6. I spent time looking at my footwork of my tennis jumping topspin forehand and what I found out was that in order for my Right Knee to go OUT, like Sam Sneads (and what Steve is showing) is that my Right Toe has to be turned-out to almost 1 o'clock (like you see Steve do), otherwise the knee will go internal – finding this right toe out position did so many good things for my overall swing.

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