FULL FITTED PING GOLF BAG!!! LONG TERM MID HANDICAP REVIEW!? HONEST 12 MONTH MID HANDICAP REVIEW OF A FULL FITTED PING GOLF BAG!HONEST 12 MONTH MID HANDICAP REVIEW OF A FULL BAG OF FITTED PING GOLF CLUBS!? All of us ask the identical questions when shopping for new golf golf equipment, ought to I get fitted for brand new golf golf equipment? Do I would like new golf golf equipment? will shopping for new golf golf equipment enhance my golf? on this video we discuss to Mid-handicap golfer Mark about his full bag of Ping golf golf equipment. Golf membership opinions will be nice methods of taking a look at which golf golf equipment you should purchase, which golf golf equipment are finest for you… however what a couple of long run golf membership assessment, in the present day we speak about a 12 month assessment of fitted ring golf golf equipment, what are the most effective mid handicap golf golf equipment? with the Ping g425 driver coming will make probably change? let’s discover out… and let’s do it now!


  1. I too recently went for a PING fitting in Gainsborough – I totally agree with Mark about being tired at the end of the session.. the Driver, woods and putter fitting I was knackered as put so much into the irons… also said they couldn't get me any better than the 3 wood I already had, so they're honest too. I'd recommend anyone going there for a fitting, much better than American Golf all day long..

  2. Mark I'm a Ping man myself, right through the bag. Will never change brand. You might not be so loyal or where Ping to tight to throw in a hat. Just kidding, but
    seriously get a Ping hat. Just jokes, no really, get a ping hat.

  3. Have the i210’s myself with projex x shafts….love them. Would only change for the new Taylormades or Mizuno’s which are a lot more money.

  4. Great video. It was interesting to see Mark's opinion on getting fitted for a complete set of clubs. I'm a 7.2 handicap and have put together my current set of clubs by trial and error. I was not fitted. I went through 3 drivers before going with a titleist 917 and 2 sets of irons before going with Callaway Apex forged 16. 3 different wedges before going with Cleveland RTX4. And stayed with my Scotty Cameron blade putter. I'm completely satisfied with every club in my bag and wouldn't change a thing. Although fitting myself by trial and error and going with what worked best on the course I do wonder could a professional fitting possibly lower my handicap to a 4 or 5 and would it have come up with the same clubs I'm using. I definitely believe that a beginner should get fitted. After 40 plus years of playing I know my game well enough to know what works and what doesn't.

  5. You clearly missed the bag in the full bag fitting. Next time get a nice Ping stand bag as well. Ditch that crappy Titleist ball sac.

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