FULL 18 HOLES with my new golf equipment | Have I made the appropriate selection?

PGA Golf Skilled Rick Shiels takes out his new irons for a check spherical on the Marriott Worsley Park in Manchester Present whats within the bag – Cobra …

29 thoughts on “FULL 18 HOLES with my new golf equipment | Have I made the appropriate selection?

  1. What's the difference between PRACTICE ProV1 and off the shelf ProV1? Other than price of course! And where do you get them from?

  2. So far… Witch are the best clubs you ever had? Should be fun to hear about that and then see you play some holes with them. I think that is the eternal question; what clubs should I have and when does that quest stop, if ever? (sorry about spelling, I am not englishspoken)

  3. erm..after the near hole in one it showed a titliest iron teeing off. New clubs are p7mc ?. You got a titliest driving iron? never.

  4. Rick, I love your reviews and videos and the quality and professional look them from when you first started your VLOG is just amazing, and I am not just saying that. I didn't like your irons on look until I held one in my hand. Video and pictures don't do them justice. I hit them and the 770's and the 770's have been ordered. LOL…I'm moving up from T300's and OMG the Taylor's feel like butter. What I don't understand is I hit the more aggressive lofted T300's like 155 with my seven iron and I was hitting the more closer to classic loft Taylors and was getting 163 with them. I was swinging stiff shafts vs. my old standards. Is this normal? I would like to see a video with your opinion on this. I played my first round July 4th 2019 so little over a year and my swing and speed improvement curve has been quick as a new golfer, but I don't understand the almost 10 yard jump (I assumed it would go down due to the lofts) . During the fitting I was max swing on 7 iron 95 all I had but more like high 80's for good contact and control. I started with borrowed 20 year old clubs and was fitted with for the T300's last September. Anyway class golf VLOG and Cheers from Texas.

  5. Golf is such a challenging sport and you are very good at it. Not many people are at your level. Enjoy all of your videos.

  6. These tests can be deceiving. There are two components to a golf shot. The golfer and the club. So the value of a club depends on how easy it is for the golfer to use. That's so individual unless the club has an obvious flaw its really hard to determine a clubs value in a one round test.

  7. Yep, really enjoying the videos of you actually playing. I think when watching the other videos we just assume that you play perfectly, but it's good to know you also struggle (albeit on a different level!) the same as the rest of us watching.

  8. Any thoughts of the Taylormade M2 2019 irons? You have a video on the 2017 edition but not the 2019. Would love to hear your thoughts as I’m thinking about purchasing a set of them.

  9. it would be helpful to add club choice to the vid , apart from driver and putter i had no idea. otherwise great stuff, thumbs up.

  10. Rick if you want to hit some older clubs that I believe have the perfect balance between power, accuracy and forgiveness try the MacGregor Tourney VIP forged irons. Came out in about 2004 and these are still in my bag because they are beautiful.

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