Elisha Will get An Insane Again To Again Mini Golf Gap In One!

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40 thoughts on “Elisha Will get An Insane Again To Again Mini Golf Gap In One!

  1. Suggestions:
    1) If you are able to edit in audio tracks (claps, nopes, etc) or mute the track, can't you do the same for when there is a loud ambient noise (ie pressure washing)?
    2) I know this suggestion would mean more work but tripod filming on Hole 7 was clean and additionally enjoyable. So maybe start with just the longer or bigger holes, one tripod either at the front or back and the secondary camera as hand held. This would've viewed Hole 16 a little differently.

  2. Wow that's freaking awesome she's like told ya right never goes wrong
    Brooks is like I come out in a good spot and Elishas ball made a statement like let me show you somethin fantastic game definitely a fun course

  3. Elisha had all the luck today, I'm guessing that bumblebee was the luck, 3 holes in one later she wins, u need to pick other courses Brooks, if u keep going to the same ones you've been to already, she will kick your butt, for the mean time chick fil A fries are calling and Elisha is buying.


    Today Eli-hay
    Toda Eli-hay
    Feelin' Hot Hot Hot

    She'd feelin' Hot Hot Hot

    Me mind on fire,

    Me soul on fire

    Elisha's Hot Hot Hot!

  5. Hi Brooks and Elisha, It seems that my earlier comment could have offended, I hope not, the first part was in relation to Brooks own comment when playing the slide and falling off, Part Two was clearly a Friends reference from Joey, it was meant to be comical as joey so often was, If any sensibilities were bruised I am sorry.

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