DON'T make this MISTAKE | Golf Golf equipment EXPLAINED

On this video Danny Maude talks golf golf equipment within the hope you do not make the error he himself made when he was an newbie golfer. He reveals what’s in his golf bag however extra importantly what needs to be in yours.

As an expert golfer Danny has a driver swing and iron swing that can swimsuit a particular sort of golf membership. As a newbie golfer or common newbie golfer you’ll have your individual distinctive golf swing too.

It is so vital due to this fact to know not what model of golf membership you need to go for however as an alternative what model of golf membership would swimsuit you based mostly in your age and skill.

Additionally study what goes contained in the bag. As an example Danny takes YFOOD, a wholesome vitality drink that helps to keep up his vitality within the again 9. With no garbage in it it offers him all of the diet he wants. You’ll be able to study extra about it right here:
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Thanks for stopping by. I created this web site as a useful resource simply so that you can assist you in your {golfing} journey as I understand how difficult studying this recreation could be…to say the least!

I personally discovered studying the sport too lengthy and tough within the early days. I learn all of the books, watched all of the movies however my recreation was not enhancing. Then after finding out numerous types of neuro science, motor studying, psychology and private improvement in lower than two years I went from struggling golfer to the ultimate stage of the Open Championship.

On YouTube and my private web site ( I’ll convey you the hottest coaching, coaching that’s getting tangible outcomes for my purchasers proper now. I don’t know the place you might be in your {golfing} journey, you may be simply beginning out or perhaps your physique isn’t as versatile because it as soon as was otherwise you’ve obtained ambitions to slash your handicap. Wherever you might be I’ve created a spot right here you’ll be able to study, share your concepts, ask questions and get all of the assist you could get pleasure from this nice recreation.

Be ready although. If its a fast repair you might be after Im not your man. Right here I offers you step-by-step recommendation which you could take straight to the observe floor and apply to the course however it’s going to require you to get caught in, screw up…rather a lot, observe some extra after which watch these scores tumble

I’ve had the pleasure of teaching 1000’s of scholars all all over the world and if you’re up for the problem and are able to get within the recreation…LETS GO TO WORK!


This golf lesson offers a few great drills that will help you strike a ball with an iron. If you’re in search of how you can hit a ball straight with an iron, or need to know how you can hit the ball first with irons then these golf drills offers you a lot better golf ball contact with the intention to strike your irons pure.

I consider they’re the best and greatest golf irons drills you should utilize

Additionally get to see the golf ball contact in gradual movement

20 thoughts on “DON'T make this MISTAKE | Golf Golf equipment EXPLAINED

  1. Great advice, and probably explains as a beginner, why i struggle to get lift from my 4 hybrid , and 3 wood that my local shop sold me!
    You told us what balls not to buy, but as a beginner what balls shops we buy?

  2. Great video. I have recently found golf again after 20 years. Things (club wise) have changed so much with hybrids and all the wedges you can get. The most lofted club I had was a PW. I could not decide which loft(s) to go for, but it makes sense to go for a 56 instead of buying for the sake of it, then I can see if I need anything else in the future.

  3. Great video. I have recently found golf again after 20 years. Things (club wise) have changed so much with hybrids and all the wedges you can get. The most lofted club I had was a PW. I could not decide which loft(s) to go for, but it makes sense to go for a 56 instead of buying for the sake of it, then I can see if I need anything else in the future.

  4. I haven’t bought a club since 2013 and those were just replacement wedges and a driver as I didn’t have one at the time. I only carry 13 clubs and just have two wedges.

  5. I play with a £11.99 slazenger putter. With loads of lead weights on the top and bottom. My golfing buddies are all single figure handicaps. My putting is just as good if not better than them.

  6. My opinion is play what you enjoy hitting the most. I don’t like how you are pigeon holed into a certain type of iron and are ‘excluded’ from ever being able to play some fantastic looking clubs.
    If you had the money would you ever exclude yourself from being able to drive a Ferrari or Rolls Royce because you were deemed not ‘good enough’ to drive it?
    Also, be careful, some of these chunky looking clubs are very strong lofted in the long irons and ‘beginners’ / high handicappers would have a hard time hitting their 5,6 & 7 irons. Loft is your friend and most people wouldn’t have a problem with launching / hitting 7-PW in a traditional (‘slimmer’ set) and then move into hybrids to replace the longer irons.
    I just don’t get the ‘you need to play that sort of club’ your not good enough. It’s just a bit snobbish. I say life’s too short, play what you want if you get enjoyment out of it.

  7. I have been using a set of ping g25 for 10 years. Money is an issue, and I always feel that a fitting is someone trying to get you to spend money

  8. Awesome advice! Thanks Danny! I like the idea of keeping things simple in the game. You’re an awesome teacher! Keep up the great work. Can’t wait for the next lesson

  9. I wish the salesman at AG was as honest and knowledgeable as you! He suckered me into buying some Taylor Made M2 irons, when I was looking for some big head pings to suit my beginner game. However with your lessons I'm finally learning to hit them 🙂

  10. Hi Danny, I have followed you for a long time and you have helped me to improve my game so much. I have a real problem and was hoping you can do a video. I shift my weight forward but my hips just dont turn fast enough. It feels like I'm doing it right but when I video myself I am still flipping, albeit a lot less. Only when I really exaggerate to get the hip turn aggresively then on video it looks perfect. It feels horrible though and that there is zero control. Do you have a couple of drills that could help? I really hope I've expressed my issue so that yoy understand. I would very much appreciate your help! Thanks

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