A Day On My Golf Inexperienced // 5mm (0.19") Bentgrass

In the present day I spend a while of my golf inexperienced mowing it and topdressing it as soon as I am completed. #lawntips #golfgreen #golf Garden Suggestions is run on my own (Ben Sims) a …

27 thoughts on “A Day On My Golf Inexperienced // 5mm (0.19") Bentgrass

  1. You madlad did this in your front yard, so neighbors can use it too!?!? I hope so cuz I love the idea. Would totally do this for my neighborhood (:

    Leave a couple putters and basket of balls outside, and it just might spark some hobbies

  2. What is the tool you use at 0:22 called? I have a tiny (400 sq ft) yard enclosed by fence on 3 sides (townhouse) and bought a 20 inch lawn mower that is way too big, before I go and buy a small mower maybe all I need is something like that instead?

  3. Hi Sir. Very nice video. I like to give you some Bentgrass for your green. Try Crystal Bluelink Bentgrass from Outside Pride Company. Also have you done vertical cutting? Also you need to dress your green. Take Care.

  4. many years ago i created my own green on my front lawn ..I had nothing but a rotary mower but with super sharp blades ..I sprayed out the weeds and top dressed it several times and sowed the low spots ..I was genuinely surprised how much speed i got out of it . I put two old golf cups from our local club that the pin flanges had worn out on so the flag leaned too much with and spent countless hours practicing my putting and small chipping of an evening ..The same lawn now is full of weeds and too far gone to do it again but I really enjoyed your video …Thanks..

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