2020 Jonesboro Open | FINALB9 LEAD | McBeth, Heimburg, Ulibarri, Presnell | Jomez Disc Golf

Thanks for watching JomezPro Disc Golf match protection of the MPO lead card’s ultimate spherical three on the 2020 Play It Once more Sports activities Jonesboro Open.

34 thoughts on “2020 Jonesboro Open | FINALB9 LEAD | McBeth, Heimburg, Ulibarri, Presnell | Jomez Disc Golf

  1. As an HB native, I am a big McBeth fan. But you have to hand to Heimburg. He was incredible in this last round. That front 9 was unbelievable!

  2. Congrats Calvin! Anybody else a little confused at Paul's post round interview saying "we were both trying to give it to the other"? It was clear Calvin was on fire, and then once he had the lead played accordingly. Calvin's putt on 16 was CLUTCH, and he reached out and took the trophy in that moment. Paul normally closes on these kinds of tourneys, he had no answer for Calvin today, give the man some credit.

  3. A logical outcome. What does the Jonesboro course demand? The ability to hold a precise line off the tee without sacrificing much distance, AND the ability to keep it low because of the overhanging branches on so many of the large trees. Which of the top players can most consistently combine these characteristics in their drives? Paul McBeth and Calvin Heimburg, by a clear margin.

  4. I'm starting to watch on mute because the non-stop nonsense commentary is getting to me. Seriously how did it fall so quickly within a year. The silliness is fine for Skins or whatever, but when we're talking tournament coverage, it's rubbish. Especially on final round coverage for a close battle between two amazing players.

  5. I also have never played Disc Golf but Disc Golf is my happy place. Thanks Jomez. Big Jerm, you make this fun. As much as I love Nate, I have to say Paul, your self effacing style despite your obvious talent make for great commentary and I look forward to more in the future. P.S. ask Jerm what that means.

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